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Publishers: Maximise your exclusive

Publishers: Maximise your exclusive


As a network we can provide you with access to hundreds of clients and their vouchers, which will build partnerships that prove to be long-lasting and profitable. I am going to look at some issues which might stand in your way as well as providing some tips which should help to sell your proposition to the merchant, get good results and save you some time.

Getting Your Exclusive

As a voucher publisher, your objective is to get the best offers for your users. Every voucher publisher has a different demographic and so will suit some merchants and offers better than others.

How do you know which merchants/offers will work best for your users, the best way to promote it and how to ensure you build a long-term partnership with that merchant?

Looking closely at your top performing merchants will make it very clear which merchants work best for your users. Use this information to identify industry sectors which your users respond well to. Try to identify as many programs in these sectors as you can. Once you have a hit list, you need to be realistic about your potential and this is an area where your network can help. They have a view on the performance of all the voucher sites and should be able to give you a swift answer on your chances of being able to get an exclusive from a selection of merchants. You can also compare database sizes and traffic stats from Comscore or Hitwise.

If there is little chance of getting an exclusive from a merchant upfront and you are keen to work with them further, then you need to work hard with the non-exclusive offers they have available to prove yourself with a view to working with them more in the future. Being transparent with the merchant and informing them of your extra effort, and the reasons behind it, will go a long way. If there is an opportunity to secure an exclusive, then you need to put a strong proposal together, making it clear what you can do for them in terms of traffic, sales and order value.

Once that exclusive is in the bag, work really hard on it to prove your value as an exclusive partner in the future – this is your big chance.

The use of case studies and demonstrating the success of your activity will stand you in good stead for future promotions.

Publisher Tips

  • Be realistic and transparent about your potential to drive sales
  • Use case studies demonstrating results from similar merchants
  • Don’t bash your competitors – sell your good points rather than focussing on the negative points of your competitors, as the client will see through this
  • Deliver on your promises regarding exposure – a merchant will never gripe about additional exposure, but if the results are not as expected because they did not get what they were promised, there will be trouble
  • Prove yourself when there is a good offer available to multiple partners – this will demonstrate your potential to drive sales for the merchant and when they come to choosing a partner, you will be on their shortlist
  • Feed back to them after the campaign is complete to demonstrate to them the incremental sales you have generated

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Tom Rickey

Tom Rickey

Director of marketing at Ve Interactive. Tom is responsible for Ve Interactive's commercial marketing strategy and the development of the marcomms team to support our demand, corporate and product marketing.

The marketing strategy spans 33 offices and includes social, paid search, SEO, website content, internal and external email comms, display advertising and events.

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