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Merchants: Maximise your exclusive

Merchants: Maximise your exclusive


As a network we want your vouchers to work as effectively as possible for you, regardless of the publishers who are delivering the sales. Looking specifically at exclusive vouchers, we will work through potential issues and some tips for merchants, as well as looking at how a network can help. Ultimately, the goal is to build long-term, profitable partnerships, drive incremental sales and keep your customers happy.

Planning the Promotion

As a merchant, you want incremental sales and one way to achieve this is to put strong offers in front of users who are typically loyal to a competitor and to get them to purchase from you. If that customer relationship is then well maintained it is possible for them to become a loyal customer for you, which is where the long term benefits of the relationship really comes into play.

How do work out the best way to manage this process with so many voucher publishers out there? Do you use one partner, or open it up for anyone to promote?

One way to decide what works most effectively for your brand is to use a funnel approach starting out with a voucher, which is open to all voucher publishers. Once you have the data from this promotion, you can select a few top partners for a further trial with a stronger offer.

Make all parties involved aware that they are involved in a head-to-head for the potentially pending exclusive and that they should provide as much exposure for the offer as possible, bearing in mind that it is not exclusive. At this stage you may find that no one partner stands out as generating more sales. You then need to explore who can provide the best additional exposure for the exclusive to come. If one partner does stand out, then it is likely to be worth trialling an exclusive with them, on the basis that they can provide further exposure for taking it exclusively.

Merchant Network Support

Your network should be able to help you at every stage, collating information and making it easy to digest and compare.

Although they won’t be able to tell you specific sales results from other activity, they should be able to advise you on who is worth testing and why. It is in the best interest of the network to generate the maximum sales revenue too, so you essentially have the same objectives. They will also help analyse the post-promotion data to show what has performed best and why.

Merchant Tips

  • Work out where your priorities lie – is your focus purely on generating the maximum sales revenue or is new customer acquisition high on your list of objectives?
  • Look closely at your previous experience and learn from it, taking into account factors such as traffic numbers as well as sales revenue
  • Look at the brand benefit of working with a publisher – does an increase in brand exposure (eg, getting into a loyalty scheme’s TV/Print Ads) make up for a lower sales revenue? Does this help your organisation more (even though it might not benefit your sales targets?)
  • Stick to your original requirements, and avoid moving the goalposts for the publishers part way through the process
  • Don’t be afraid to try something, just make sure you plan it carefully, analyse the results closely, and use that knowledge when planning future promotions
  • Don’t stick to one publisher forever. Keep your eyes open for opportunities with new publishers

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Tom Rickey

Tom Rickey

Director of marketing at Ve Interactive. Tom is responsible for Ve Interactive's commercial marketing strategy and the development of the marcomms team to support our demand, corporate and product marketing.

The marketing strategy spans 33 offices and includes social, paid search, SEO, website content, internal and external email comms, display advertising and events.

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