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Over 40% of European affiliates have yet to address E-Privacy Directive

Over 40% of European affiliates have yet to address E-Privacy Directive


A4u, in association with Webgains, has released the European Affiliate Landscape Report for 2012. The findings have shone light on just how uncertain affiliates are when it comes to implementing the guidelines laid out by the E-Privacy Directive.

Across all of Europe 42.4% of survey respondents answered no to the question of whether they had taken steps to conform to the E-Privacy Directive. German affiliates are shown to be the highest country in conformance with nearly two thirds answering yes. Surprisingly, the UK has the highest percentage of respondents answering no even with all the work the IAB AMC has done over the last year.

Affiliates still over-reliant on SEO to drive traffic

Google’s been churning the updates out thick and fast of late. Another ‘Panda’ update was released in February to a mixture of fanfare and derision and Penguin’s reception in late May wasn’t too dissimilar. So it’s not surprising this is the highest concern for many European countries and understood by many affiliates that they are over-relying on SEO to generate traffic for their websites.

However, there has been a slight dip in SEO’s reliance from 2011 to 2012. Affiliates are likely responding to Google’s attempts to curtail their activities. Instead they’re creating a multi-channel approach to traffic generation, opting for an increase in social media and paid search activity, both of which have seen a steady uptake since 2011.

Voucher model still on the increase

Voucher use by affiliates has been growing steadily year-on-year. No doubt this is a sign of the public at large seeking as many avenues as possible to save money online and off. While some performance marketing commenters feel the UK market is growing increasingly crowded, other countries are still very much in their embryonic stage. The figure is set to rise even more over the coming year as more services launch across mainland Europe.

Topics covered

Over 900 affiliates contributed to the A4u European Affiliate Landscape Report 2012, in association with Webgains. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Threats to Earnings
  • Preferred Affiliate Networks
  • Key Factors When Working With Advertisers.
  • Future Predictions on affiliate earnings
  • How to Improve Working Relationships between Advertisers & Publishers

The extensive report is available to download as a PDF on our European Survey page. Please ensure you’re registered and logged in before downloading the file.

Robert Glasgow, Managing Director of Webgains, believes these surveys are essential for identifying characteristics and working practices of affiliates. He underlines the importance of understanding the affiliate space across all of the EU. “A detailed understanding of the nature, composition, promotional techniques and concerns of affiliates, both in their home markets, and across the whole of Europe is absolutely essential,” he confirmed.

A4u’s Head of Content, Chris Johnson, is pleased with the extra dimension year-on-year comparison gives to the report. "With the added comparison to our inaugural report from 2011, we can begin to see clear trends in market shifts, goal alignments and attitudes to new rules & regulations that are affecting the industry at the current day,” he said.

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