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Top 50 Industry Players from 2017 partners with DC Storm partners with DC Storm has selected DC Storm to aid its expansion to other European territories. DC’s participation has meant the comparison site is able to build an accurate picture of how each channel has been performing.

Building an attribution model alongside full customer journey analysis, campaign tracking and reporting will be a priority for DC Storm. The multichannel digital marketing company will also integrate approval of sales on a merchant-to-merchant basis. It’s then possible to tag events on the sites in addition to the conversions taking place on merchants’ sites.

Michael Phillips,’s Managing Director, is full of praise for the way DC Storm’s products helped sculpt future marketing strategy. “The ability to identify where resources can be best allocated will also help develop our plans to launch advertising campaigns in the future,” he said.

Data aggregation

We’ve touched on DC Storm before in our article on the affiliate technologies to look out for this year. It is said to offer a robust and flexible way of working with merchants to aggregate data. In the case of the broadband comparison business, DC feels its capacity to accurately link data back to site visits and traffic sources will help with its business growth.

CEO of DC Storm, Seth Richardson, spoke of DC’s talent for dissecting the journey to help “Given the complex path to conversion and requirement to integrate multiple systems, DC Storm is uniquely placed to join up the journey and generate insightful and actionable reports,” he described.

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