Zoo Project's second application round to close soon

5 years
    Press Release

The Zoo Project is now officially in full swing with our first round of residents busily working in the Zoo. Each of the businesses have been paired with a mentor and a publisher development manager to guide them through the start-up journey. We are all learning as we go about the importance of someone who knows what you need and someone who needs what you know.

Several of the start-ups have been using various performance marketing models but not necessarily monetising them in the right way, if at all. The Zoo Project is based on the premise that we will work with the Residents in a unique and collaborative way, catering to each of their different needs.

The initial success of the project has come from the Tradedoubler UK team introducing them to their contacts and imparting their knowledge of the industry, which has in turn opened the door to a new way of thinking for many of the businesses. So far, it has been an incredible experience for us and we are all very excited about the great things to come as the relationships develop.

More to come

Moving forward we will be looking to continue this development by maximising their potential revenue streams, increasing PR opportunities and optimising their technologies and reporting. The Zoo Project is now open for its second round of applications we are seeking ideas from mobile and social sectors.

Tradedoubler alone generates more than two million individual sales per month, working with clients such as The Body Shop and Tesco. With our rapidly expanding mobile affiliate network, advertisers and publishers now have the tools to extend their existing performance marketing through mobile advertising, driving sales, engagement and loyalty through a device that never leaves their customer's side.

Rob Wilson, Market Unit Leader, North West, TradeDoubler, said: "Now that the first six start-ups have joined us in Victoria and have made it a success, it's time to open our doors to more entrepreneurs and business leaders. We're creating an e-commerce hub that encourages innovation and creativity and that is responding to consumers' changing behaviour as they search for great deals and products online and on their mobiles."

"In the longer term, we see the kind of performance-based marketing practiced by affiliates becoming as important as TV or press advertising - even more so. Combine this with British entrepreneurial spirit, and the fact that online advertising in the UK is forecast to grow by over 10% this year, and we think that this hugely dynamic business sector will give the UK economy a real shot in the arm," continued Wilson.

Wealth of talent

"We were really pleased with the quality of some of the entrants in the first round and it was a clear indication for all the dragons that there is a wealth of talent out there and we're excited to be opening for the next round," said Steve Wilson, Head of Online, British Gas Business.

"We are really keen to see more entries, especially from the mobile, social sectors and developers. But really, we want to hear from anyone in the early stages of developing an online company, product or service. The Zoo Project is a truly unique opportunity to accelerate a start-up's commercial success and supercharge their networking opportunities," continued Wilson.

Closing soon

The second round of applications closes on the 15th June 2012. For more information please visit our dedicated website for the Zoo, follow us on Twitter or find us on Facebook.