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Top 50 Industry Players from 2017 on importance of Euro growth - Q&A on importance of Euro growth - Q&A

Why is it so important to have a pan-European outlook?

We have just launched, our first launch outside of the UK and US so we feel it’s important to have a pan –European outlook for a number of reasons; integrating into growth markets and having a more diverse business model can only be a good thing.

How do you go about targeting consumers on a country-by-country basis?

MS: Creating an office and having a local presence who understands the culture, the people and what makes the partners tick. We have just hired Bruno Acar as Sales Director which we are really excited about and he will lead our strategy with me. Post the launch of we will be looking at launching other Euro destinations in similar fashion.

Are you noticing any big trends emerging in certain European countries?

MS: We are only monitoring Germany right now so can only comment on that, although we know Scandinavia and Netherlands are growing markets. No matter where you are in Europe we know there are always deal sensitive consumers and there is online retail growth for all types of consumers.

Where do you see the future of performance marketing?

MS: Local deals we believe is a key channel, but we feel merchants will begin to see the potential in a blended approach or engagement marketing - where the focus is more about creating leads and getting consumers to interact with brands that could lead to long-term customers and extended sales opportunities.

What sessions are you most interested in at a4uexpo Europe?

MS: Well, I am obviously looking forward to Simon Bird’s workshop on “ROI from vouchering” at 3.30pm on Day One in the Knowledge Zone and then the session he is Chairing on Day Two on “Advanced Merchant and Affiliate Relationships”. Other than that I want to go to some sessions that focus on the future of Performance Marketing in Europe and beyond. I am also looking forward to the keynote session.

What is it you’re hoping to come away from the conference with?

MS: Insight – ideally I want to be able to learn about how the European Performance Marketing landscape is being shaped and what opportunities it holds – that we haven’t thought of already! Then it’s about contacts and relationships – meeting people and putting faces to names. Finally, it will be good to get a better understanding of the network, agency and competitor landscape.

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