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What’s the biggest challenge you face with your performance marketing activities?

When working with such a large program, ensuring that's communication is getting through can be quite a challenge. We have a number of tools that we offer to our partners in order to help them be successful on the program, so it is key that our messages about how to make the most of these tools get to our affiliates.

How are your digital marketing budgets assigned?

NR: Our budgets are assigned by using a combination of historical performance, margin and ROI data.

How do you hope to work more closely with affiliates?

NR: We will be looking to make sure that all our partners are kept up to date with the latest news. We are the brand so we want to ensure that our partners are getting the most out of these last minute deals in order to promote the program as effectively as possible!

What is it you are looking for in an affiliate?

NR: We want to work with affiliates that are flexible and have new and interesting models of driving customers to our site. The industry breathes creativity and innovation and we want to make sure we are working with the most forward-thinking partners.

How does your performance marketing strategy differ between European regions?

NR: Different European regions operate in quite different manners, so we have to ensure that the method in which we are promoting ourselves is in line with the behaviors we see of customers in those countries. The affiliate model is also at different stages in different countries, so it is important to knowledge share and ensure we are making the most of our experience.

Where do you see the future of performance marketing?

NR: Customers are really beginning to do a lot more searching and purchasing on mobiles and tablets, so I think the industry will be focusing on easy to use apps and mobile sites. I also think we will see a move away from discounting and a focus on quality.

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