Zizzi Launches Exclusive Affiliate Marketing Campaign with Affiliate Window

5 years
    Press Release

The objective is to strategically target specific content sites around food and beverages, dining out, local listings and student portals, in an effort to reach the right customers with relevant content.

Leads are generated when customers submit their personal details to receive email offers. A unique code is created for each customer and all information is tracked and delivered to the network.

The customer journey can then be followed right through to the transaction in restaurant, including basket spend. In addition it identifies if the customer is new or existing, helping Zizzi judge if incremental customers have been reached with the activity, allowing affiliate commissions to be set accordingly.

Rose Brunt, Head of External Communications for Zizzi comments: "Our programme with Affiliate Window allows us to be really targeted with our digital presence and reach customers based on their online behaviour."

Michelle Boxall, Head of Lead Generation at Affiliate Window adds: "This has been an exciting project for Affiliate Window. We have demonstrated that with the right set-up in place, affiliate campaigns can work for restaurant brands to drive high proportions of new diners. It's interesting to see where the redemptions occur and mapping the hotspots nationally such as student portals driving footfall within Nottingham and Cambridge. The programme is now open for affiliates to apply to take part and we look forward to welcoming a broader range of sites on board!"

Contact the team at Affiliate Window and find out how you can utilise our advanced lead generation services. To learn more about Zizzi’s and join the programme, visit their Profile.

For press enquiries, please contact: Lisa Chaikin Head of PR Affiliate Window e: lisa.chaikin@digitalwindow.com
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