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Tradedoubler on mobile - Q&A

Tradedoubler on mobile - Q&A


What will you be discussing in your session?

Our session is titled – Making money on the move: the evolution of m-commerce. It talks about how mobile devices are a disruptive force that are transforming the consumer purchase journey. Consumers have eagerly grasped the new technology and it is vital that more retailers catch up, quickly. This presentation will reveal the surprising and business-critical picture uncovered by our new European research, conducted by Forrester, into mobiles and purchasing. We will present compelling evidence of how consumers are already using their devices to research and buy goods and services; the obstacles and the frustrations they face; the completely different ways in which they use smartphones and tablet computers; and the services and support they are looking for. It will consider what retailers need to do if they want to capture a share of the potentially immense mobile commerce market.

Who is your session aimed at?

UG & ES: Advertisers and publishers who want to better understand the increasingly complex mobile landscape, gain a unique insight into what consumers actually do with their mobile devices, and discover the type of services and communications consumers would welcome from retailers, and those they would not. We’ll also be sharing some of our most successful mobile client case studies and, as an international network, we’ll be looking at some of the interesting national differences in mobile useage that our research reveals.

Why do you think delegates at a4uexpo Europe will want to hear about your session?

UG & ES: With m-commerce sales predicted to grow 40 per cent each year for the next five years, no-one in retailing can afford to ignore the role of smartphones and tablets in the customer purchasing journey. Much is said and written about m-commerce and mobile device ownership and usage, but between the hype at one end and the dry data charts at the other, it can be next to impossible for a retailer or publisher to truly understand what is happening, what it could mean for their business and what steps they need to take. We aim to cut through the fog and help colleagues across the industry gain a clear understanding of trends, opportunities and challenges.

What will be the main takeaways for delegates?

UG & ES: A uniquely comprehensive and up-to-date perspective on how people across some key markets in Europe use smartphones and tablets to research and buy products and services and the implications this has for advertisers and publishers.

How does a4uexpo Europe differ from other performance marketing conferences?

UG & ES: a4uexpo Europe offers delegates and visitors a global perspective on the latest trends and innovations in performance marketing, helping to strengthen and revitalise the industry at a time of growing economic competition and complexity.

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Simon Holland

Simon Holland

Simon is the news and research reporter at Existem. Previously a technology journalist, he now spends his time investigating both future and developing trends in performance marketing whilst producing editorial content for

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