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A4u Programme of the Week: Skype

A4u Programme of the Week: Skype


Name: Skype

Contact: Lbi Bigmouthmedia


Who are Skype and why are they different?

Skype is best known by its users for making free voice and video calls over the internet. Skype’s free downloadable software allows you to talk, instant message and make video calls to anyone else on Skype for free. You can also call phones and mobiles and send text messages at great rates.

Over one million of Skype’s customers use it for so much more than it’s free services however, using it for group video calls, screen sharing, instant messaging, unlimited calling, mobile calling, and file sharing to name but a few. It offers these fantastic services and much more to its users for a multitude of purposes.

What does Skype make available to its affiliates to help them promote the programme?

As well as Skype’s whole host of incentives and excellent commission available for affiliates, they provide all affiliates with the following:

  • Fortnightly newsletters with relevant information on promotions and activity
  • Banners for your website specifically tailored to the promotions on offer and in 6 different languages (seasonal and generic)
  • Bespoke copy for your website
  • Country Information Packs which help to show affiliates which Skype products are on offer for them within their location
  • A hands on affiliate team, ready to help with any questions or queries

Plus much more – just ask!

How much commission do you offer?

Affiliates earn the following commission for new customers who create an account and make an initial deposit within the 90 day cookie period:

  • 0 – 99 new customers per month = 60% of all new payer revenue
  • 100+ new customers per month = 70% of all new payer revenue
  • 250+ new customers per month = 80% of all new payer revenue
  • 500+ new customers per month = 90% of all new payer revenue
  • 1000+ new customers per month = 100% of all new payer revenue

Skype pay affiliates commission on customers who purchase Skype Credit, Skype Subscriptions and Online Numbers.

How can they sign up and who can they contact?

Please contact us if you would like to join the program or require any bespoke copy, links or further information about Skype or any of their products. If you have any questions about the affiliate program – you can reach our affiliate team by emailing

Want to be featured as A4u's Programme of the Week? Contact Mark Atherton for info.

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