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Tooyoou’s novel Android affiliate programme

Tooyoou’s novel Android affiliate programme


Tooyoou’s new affiliate and reward points programme gives Android users the chance to monetise their home screen. The offering is unique in that it doesn’t require affiliates to own an online property like a website or blog that would normally house an embed code.

Registering to become a Tooyoou affiliate means you can refer the app to friends, family and co-workers who have Android phones or tablets, then earn 10% of all ad revenue from these fresh users. The revenue sharing continues on the proviso the referrals continue using Tooyoou. All new users need to do is sign up to the Tooyoou app mentioning the referee's affiliate code.

Home screen PPC

The app’s pay-per-click ad network opens the Android home screen up for real time bids from Tooyoou’s advertising partners. US residents can opt into location and choice sensitive display advertising in exchange for dollars and points being earned over time. Users are rewarded with a 20% share of the cost-per-click revenue and reward points for being active on the platform. Users can login to Tooyoou and spin a rewards wheel to redeem points for cash.


Advertisers can publish their products and services on Tooyoou based on product category and location for as little as $0.05 CPC. Metrics suggest Tooyoou ads have relatively low accidental clickthrough rates (~0.01%).

Tooyoou believes its affiliate initiative to be the first of its kind in allowing the publishing of custom ad creatives directly on Android’s home screen. It can all be done in real time using Tooyoou’s proprietary ad serving platform.

The Tooyoou app is currently only available to download for Android device users in the USA. We asked the developer whether it had plans for a European rollout, but it has yet to respond.

UPDATE: Tooyoou had the following to say on the subject of a European rollout:

"While we have plans to launch Tooyoou in UK and other European and Asian countries, being bootstrapped we aim to achieve scale and popularity in the US Android market first before launching in other countries. This is primarily since direct cash payments in different currencies are involved setting up legal entities and working with multiple payment providers and currencies is the primary challenge."

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