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ICO publishes cookie compliance video

ICO publishes cookie compliance video


The Information Commissioner's Office has unveiled a video, which it hopes will give companies information that’s necessary for their compliance with the new E-Privacy Directive. The legislation comes into effect tomorrow and will signal a tightening of cookie best practice for pretty much all companies with a web offering.

Websites have sole responsibility for educating visitors about the active cookies on their pages. The priority should be for a user to read the cookie details and be able to make an informed decision on whether they’re happy to continue browsing and not only have a cookie placed on their device, but give consent for that cookie to be placed.

A4u spoke to Rakuten LinkShare’s MD, Mark Haviland, about life in the brave new world of cookie compliance. He believes the use of data from a consenting web user as integral to the performance industry. “It’s a call to action to turn data insights into a better online experience, so that consumers want to opt-in, be it implicit or explicit,” he explained. “As an industry, if we want to deliver the tailored and personalised experiences that shoppers increasingly expect, the proper use of data is essential.”

BBC cookie consent

One of the biggest online portals to implement its compliance strategy recently has been the BBC, but there’s a surprisingly large volume of high profile companies still to publish consent copy. The ICO hasn’t exactly kept information about the E-Privacy Directive to itself. Various initiatives over the last year have ensured people are made fully aware of the new legislation. So it will be interesting to see how the ICO treats those who have failed to display their compliance.

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Simon Holland

Simon Holland

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