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Andrew Girdwood on his a4uexpo Europe panel - Q&A

Andrew Girdwood on his a4uexpo Europe panel - Q&A


What will you be discussing in your session?

I’ll be chatting about new budgets and profitable exits in a panel session – in other words, discussing stuff you could do to make money. This is a future-facing panel, though, with the intent on talking about new technologies and techniques.

Who is your session aimed at?

AG: The panel is aimed at a wide range of people. Sure, there will be people with affiliate-based businesses wondering about the best way to gear up for an exit who will want to attend. I hope the audience includes niche publishers, agencies and anyone else interested.

Why do you think delegates at a4uexpo Europe will want to hear about your session?

AG: I think one of the fundamental reasons to attend a conference of peers, like a4uexpo Europe, is to find out what other people in your industry think will be big. That “What’s Next” element is the backbone on the panel and why delegates might be interested.

What will be the main takeaways for delegates?

AG: It’s quite hard to predict what the main focus of the panel discussion will be but I imagine we’ll be talking about the importance of being agile and able to adapt to your market. Whether you’re looking for more budget or looking to maximise the multiplier on your exit – it comes down to your ability to seize the opportunity and that requires agility.

How does a4uexpo Europe differ from other performance marketing conferences?

AG: A4uexpo Europe is a class act, it’s well run, well-attended and popular. The result is that most interesting advertisers and publishers attend.

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