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Webgains on why affiliates should contribute to Euro survey - Q&A

Webgains on why affiliates should contribute to Euro survey - Q&A


A4u is always at the forefront of nurturing the performance marketing community. One important aspect of this community is that of affiliates. A4u is always looking at ways to discover future trends and technologies throughout the whole affiliate sector. The European Affiliate Survey 2012 is a great way to do this.

The aim of the European Affiliate Survey 2012 is to provide a comprehensive overview of affiliate marketing across Europe, but within that gives any new and potential advertisers the opportunity to understand why they should be placing more budget / launching within Affiliate Marketing / listening and addressing affiliate concerns among many other reasons why we produce it.

We're asking all affiliates to take a few minutes to complete the survey so we can publish a blueprint of the industry as it stands across Europe. As a bonus you'll also be entered into a draw to win an iPad. So don't hesitate, act now because the survey will be closing soon.

Read on to discover Robert Glasgow, Managing Director for Webgains, thoughts on how significant the European Affiliate Survey is to the wider performance marketing industry.

Why is the European Affiliate Survey 2012 so important?

I was reminded at the A4U Awards event in London just how far the Affiliate Marketing Industry has evolved. There were over 800 attendees, all brimming with confidence at the continued health of the Industry driven by the tenth year of significant sustained growth. Understanding the behaviours and drivers of the people who power affiliate marketing – the affiliates – is key to the industry being able to position itself to weather the unknown difficulties of the future, and to enable everyone to develop the strategies to continue the growth.

Were there any big surprises from last year’s survey?

RG: Last year’s survey was completed by more than 1000 affiliates across 7 markets, in three languages. Distributing the survey and compiling the results were a logistical challenge overcome by each of the survey partners, A4U and Webgains, taking on the bits where they could add the most value. It worked very well, as has this year’s survey. I think the results overall yielded significant insights into such things as to who is a typical affiliate. For example, 40% of affiliates are over 35 years old, more affiliates entered the industry in 2009 than any other year, and 67% of affiliates still earn less than €5000 per month, so the community is fairly broad based and there is still huge scope for individual growth.

What are some of the key differences you expect to see compared to last year?

RG: Having more than one year’s data will add depth to the analysis. The European Affiliate Survey 2011 obviously yielded a huge amount of data, and we are looking forward this year to analysing the trends, and spotting the changes in each of the markets, and across Europe in general. Obviously, the world has become more uncertain than last year, especially in Europe, and it will be extremely interesting to see how this is affecting affiliates and their outlooks.

Why is it so important for the input of affiliates?

RG: Firstly, there really is no other way of getting this data. We can make assumptions about all kinds of things, but until we ask at a very granular level, we do not know very much about affiliates, in each of the markets and across the region, with any certainty. Moreover, we are fortunate in the UK to have such a powerful industry presence as the A4U forum. Of course there are other forums in Europe, but some countries still do not have any opportunity for affiliates to express themselves and to participate in any kind of industry event. A lot of affiliates also work remotely, and participation in the survey plugs them into a Europe-wide, insightful piece of analysis.

Do you have any predictions for some of this year's results?

RG: I would be surprised if there is not more focus by affiliates on the issues surrounding EU Cookie Legislation. It was cited as the second most important threat to earnings in 2011, and I think it will come out as the major consideration this year. Also, given the financial turmoil at the moment, and the Industry’s reliance on consumers’ ability to continue to purchase over the Internet, I would expect the level of negative sentiment to go up a bit from the 3% last year.

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