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TradeTracker's New UK MD - Q&A

TradeTracker's New UK MD - Q&A


How has your experience with Adperio helped at TradeTracker?

Adperio worked on various models including it’s own affiliate network, virtual currency, mobile & social media. As such we were partnering with many agencies and networks so it gave me a great insight as to the state of the market, both good & bad.


What are the biggest differences you've noticed when making the jump from agency to network?

NS: None personally as I have always worked on the client & agency side. Plus Adperio has always had its own affiliate network. The fundamentals are the same. Great product, great service and the ability to understand and work closely with merchants and affiliates.

In a market where there's a number of big networks, how do you intend to set TradeTracker apart from its competitors?

NS: I have met with several agencies, merchants and affiliates already and it is clear that the in-house technology that TradeTracker has developed is market leading. We have no reliance on third-party providers so we can develop new initiatives at pace. Our technology never dates. The market needs to know what we are about. We are transparent to the core and offer features that you won’t find elsewhere such as our advanced linking systems, real time reporting (which we have had for years) and ticketing system where affiliates & merchants can communicate directly. With what we have under the bonnet we are possibly the best kept secret in the UK market and it is time to change that. Ironically we were the second fastest growing territory in the network last year so word is spreading. The growth and opportunity here is enormous, hence I am recruiting to fill our new offices and that will see our numbers quadruple over the next few months. We will also be bringing market-changing initiatives to the UK over the next few months.

How concerned are you about the new EU data protection regulation that's currently under consideration?

NS: Not overly concerned as there seems to be a lot of proactive work happening on behalf of the sector. We are less worried about third-party cookie directives as 95% of our merchants are now working with our advance “Direct linking” or “Clean Linking” system. This negates the need for third-party cookies and works only with first-party cookies. As a side note this can also offer SEO advantages for merchants who work with

Where are the next big innovations from networks likely to come from?

NS:, obviously! That may sound biased, but I know what is in the development pipeline for the remainder of this year. I firmly believe that technology will separate the market and having everything in-house allows you to keep ahead of the competition. There are several things I could mention, such as “link replacer”, but the first new initiative that I am now officially announcing is “Super Fast Payments” for affiliates. We commenced a trial in the Netherlands earlier this year and the results were superb. Affiliates were getting paid after 72 hours of transaction completion and merchants were seeing a 30-40% increase in transactions. We are now live with this in the UK and in discussions with our launch partners. Any affiliates who would like to discuss the program can simply contact me directly at

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