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A4u Programme of the Week: Avis

A4u Programme of the Week: Avis


Name: Avis

Contact: Sara Barber


What sets Avis apart from its competitors, in terms of both the business overall and its affiliate programme?

Avis is one of the largest and well known car rental brands in the world; with our "We Try Harder" attitude, we strive to ensure all customers receive the same high level of service regardless of where they are renting.

On the Avis affiliate programme, we offer a base commission of 6% but continually work with key affiliate partners to develop (and reward) strong growth plans. This approach has seen us rewarded with double digit growth on the programme last year with even stronger growth forecasted for this year; so much that the affiliate programme is gaining great support throughout the business in driving it forward as a channel.

What does Avis make available to its affiliates to help them promote the programme?

Across 2011 and into 2012 Avis have built on the basic foundations required for running our programme, we have increased the regularity of communications, provided more promotions and incentives, explored innovative methods to promote the brand and improved our tracking capabilities (Avis Delivers microsite).

What are Avis’ business goals and plans for 2012?

2012 is an exciting year for Avis in the UK.

We are building on the success of products such as Select Series and Avis Delivers as well as renewing our focus on delivering outbound bookings for the broader worldwide group. All of this is great news for the affiliate programme as the areas of focus tend to have a higher booking value than standard meaning more commission available to our affiliates.

We will also be pushing the loyalty ‘preferred’ scheme and mobile tracking is close to being rolled out, which brings new opportunities to certain affiliates.

How can they sign up and who can they contact?

Affiliates can join the programme on AffiliateFuture here and are welcome to contact the account manager on the details above.

Want to be featured as A4u's Programme of the Week? Contact Mark Atherton for info.

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