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Zanox announces Shared Tracking for publishers

Zanox announces Shared Tracking for publishers


Using Shared Tracking, zanox believes publishers will be supplied with all the data they need in real time. They’ll be able to immediately see how well their traffic converts into leads and sales. Zanox hopes its product will give publishers the power to not only track their traffic in greater detail than previously, but react quicker and introduce measures to boost their performance.

Zanox informs us that publishers using programme tracking in their system can monitor how many leads and sales each advertising medium generates in real time. For example if a banner fails to achieve the desired conversion rate for a certain time period, it can be replaced or an alternative advertising strategy can be adopted to optimise performance.

Security focus

Maximum security is guaranteed for publishers and advertisers by the network because zanox Shared Tracking dispenses with cookies. Instead the solution completely relies on pure back-end communication.

Configuration is easy according to the company with headquarters in Berlin. Publishers start by creating a tracking URL, which zanox can transmit all relevant information. The web address’ configuration is said to take seconds. The next publisher then needs to decide on a desired level for the tracking URL and the specific information it receives.

Level selection

Levels are broken down into three categories. Global informs the publisher of leads and sales accomplished across all of the publisher's ad spaces and programmes. Ad space is for leads and sales generated with a given advertising space. Finally, the Programme level is for leads and sales produced with a given programme.

The very moment a lead or sale occurs zanox fires a notification to the tracking URL. The same data is then pumped to the publisher’s own system. Publishers have the option of building any number of tracking web addresses. It’s then possible to attach other parameters to the tracking URL for more detailed information including tracking time, amount of commission earned or the product category for each transaction.

Regional Director DACH at zanox, Miro Morczinek, regards the zanox Shared Tracking product as a way of giving publishers a competitive edge. “With zanox Shared Tracking, the publishers in our network will receive completely new and automated insight into their traffic and, since it enables greater speed of reaction, will gain a decisive advantage over their direct competitors,” he explains.

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