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A4u Programme of the Week: Affiliate Widgets

A4u Programme of the Week: Affiliate Widgets


Name: Affiliate Widgets

Contact: James Dunford Wood


Who are Affiliate Widgets and what do they do?

Affiliate Widgets specialises in innovative ad serving solutions for travel and retail affiliates.

With our powerful new interface, affiliates can log in and choose from a selection of branded widgets from leading merchants and networks, as well as 'multi-merchant' widgets and online shops which mix products from several merchants, as selected by the affiliate.

In travel, we have powerful matching technology that ensures that the right products populate the widgets according to the content on the page. In tests, we have proven that this contextual matching increases click through rates by a factor of two to three times.

What are the benefits of using widgets?

Widgets include carousels, embedded directories, contextual dynamic banners populated from XML,and powerful auto-linking solutions - which automatically append the correct affiliate tracking to links embedded in text. With all these solutions, Affiliate Widgets enables the affiliate to maintain their direct relationship with the networks and merchants, so that they will continue to be paid in the normal way.

For the merchant, it allows them to keep product timely and up to date across all the affiliates using our system, without having to hassle the affiliate to make changes or update creatives. The system is particularly powerful for seasonal offers, which can be flowed into the widgets centrally by merchants, and will be published on all the affiliate sites using the widget within minutes.

Clicks, impressions and, shortly, revenue can be tracked at widget level and affiliate level, by geo and by date.

New widgets in development include a voucher code widget, keyword-based 'pop-up shops' for retail merchants, and simple contextual call-to-action buttons. The most popular widgets are the new multi-merchant widgets - especially in travel, where with a simple cut and paste of code any affiliate can have a ready made revenue-generating 'resource box', with deeplinks links to car hire, holidays and flights, relevant to the content on the page.

How does Affiliate Widgets earn it's revenue?

Affiliate Widgets earns its revenue in two ways currently - either as an override from the merchant, or by inserting its own affiliate ID into the widgets 10-20% of the time. We are also looking at a flat fee model, where affiliates will have unrestricted use of all the widgets with no insertion for a flat monthly fee.

Want to be featured as A4u's Programme of the Week? Contact Mark Atherton for info.

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