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Google launches financial comparison ads

Google launches financial comparison ads


Google’s UK launch of the price comparison advertising service will likely see a reduction in the presence of BeatThatQuote. The comparison ad units have been rolled out in the UK and the US, and are exclusive to the search company.

John Paleomylites, Product Management Director at Google, told A4u about the search advertising upgrade and how it integrates with “Today we are introducing a new look comparison unit with enhanced transparency using expertise and Google technology,” he said. “The enhanced service is now easier to use for consumers and will provide higher quality traffic for advertisers.”

The advertising solution appears between paid and organic listings when a user searches for anything related to credit card, savings account and current account terms. It’s expected there will be a wider financial rollout over the coming days.

Importance of advertising

News of Google’s latest developments in search display come shortly after it announced the wider availability of its Youtube TrueView offering. While the company’s investment in its social network is making all the headlines, Google is still keeping the evolution of its advertising technologies coming thick and fast.

Visually the advertising area looks similar to Google Places. The main differentiator is the digital advertising hoarding contains up to four financial products relevant to the search term. The same system powering’s comparison is the driving force behind these recommended financial listings.

A4U asked Michael Ossei,’s personal finance expert, for his views on Google’s latest developments. He surmised that by attempting to find alternative revenue streams, Google may be diluting those streams it already has in place. Ossei feels Google has, “merely increased its ability to get financial suppliers on side, but in the long run it may have just reduced revenue from direct advertiser bidding on key search terms.”

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