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IAB AMC reveals roadmap for 2012

IAB AMC reveals roadmap for 2012


IAB AMC is proving it means business by unveiling a roadmap for the coming months, with a consumer-facing website and performance marketing study both in the offing. IAB’s stance on the European Commission General Data Protection Regulation – widely considered as being the next round of industry-affecting legislation – was also touched upon.

Clare O’Brien, the IAB AMC’s acting chair, discussed in detail the IAB’s plans to produce a study with a primary focus on the performance industry’s net worth. The figure will mostly be calculated from brand spend on the affiliate sector, but will also take into account a number of other contributing factors.

It’s hoped that the study will fuel the UK industry by providing a definitive profiling. It’s envisaged that it will drill down into specific verticals – the kind of niche verticals that wouldn’t have an online marketing presence were it not for performance, such as hardware stores.

IAB AMC roadmap

The fact the study is being touted shows that the IAB is throwing significant muscle behind its performance members. Although the project is still in its early stages, initial signs reveal that the IAB is doing all it can to make it happen.

So, what’s the plan? Well, after two productive meetings of the working group, a brief is being developed. This will give an idea of cost, enabling a funding framework to be created. Members of the AMC will then be invited to contribute. October has been pencilled in for the study’s launch, but this depends on its complexity.

Consumer-centric site announced

Educating the user about aspects of the performance industry has long been earmarked as an issue to resolve, and it’s hoped that IAB AMC’s consumer-facing website will go some way to address the issue. The site will provide information why the industry does what it does, and how the business works. O’Brien stated that the plan when creating the website was to, “Try to second-guess what the consumer really wants to know”.

Concerns were raised by assembly attendees about the fact that Nectar is sponsoring the portal. Other brands could feel nervous about linking to a page that Nectar is associated with, even though the loyalty programme company has done a really good thing with its sponsorship. It was suggested in response that the website didn’t necessarily have to be linked to: the copy could be used in a company’s own offering.

Another topic likely to be a huge talking point throughout the performance industry in the not-too-distant future is that of the European Commission General Data Protection Regulation. The EU is considering overhauling data protection law in its current form. It hopes to redefine what constitutes as personal data, which is likely to dwarf the E-Privacy Directive in terms of industry implication. The IAB AMC has sent out a lobbying letter for its members to sign. A4u will delve more deeply over the coming month into the specifics of this regulation, which could be bring about considerable industry change.

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