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Google Adwords for video available to all

Google Adwords for video available to all


Google Adwords for video is now within reach of all online companies, having previously been an option for fewer than 20 advertisers. The advertising model means that you only pay when someone chooses to watch your ad, and it’s now fully integrated with the same management platform as search and display ads.

Advertisers that have signed up to the platform have the power to promote their video by keyword to appear in YouTube search results. Alternatively it’s possible to display an ad against the content that your business’s customers are most interested in, for example sports or music.

Google’s detailed approach to analytics is also available for AdWords for video. Advertisers can discover how many viewers watch the entire video, visited your website, stayed on your channel to watch another video, or even subscribed to your YouTube channel after viewing your ad.

A4u spoke with Chris Gorell Barnes, CEO of Adjust Your Set, about how Adwords for video could be a tool for advertisers on a budget. “Google AdWords for video now represents the continuing growth of the medium from a traditional brand awareness role, to one that provides measurable ROI and cost-effective engagement for brands,” he said.


The underlying rule for all things TrueView is that advertisers only pay when viewers watch your ad – so if they choose to skip your ad, you’re not charged. Adding a call-to-action overlay means that advertisers can talk about a sale or specific offer to viewers, share more information about a business, or drive traffic to a website.

Sri Sharma, Founder & Managing Director of Net Media Planet, believes that performance marketers are likely to see a great deal of benefit from the new service. “If you have your own videos to promote, you can advertise them on YouTube and target users based on their demographics, psychographics or even by keyword search,” he advised. “Some larger brands are already active, but there are lots of opportunity for performance marketers to raise brand awareness for their sites and drive sales. As video continues to explode, this will be an important paid channel.”

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