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Is Affiliate Window an agency?

Is Affiliate Window an agency?


Affiliate Window has a long tradition of being a service-led performance marketing company. While core technology has always been at the heart of our business model, providing high quality service and insight has really set us apart from other traditional affiliate networks.

Our service orientated approach is often at odds with the industry's typical view of an affiliate network, which is stereotyped as a provider of standard tracking technology that is utilised by other companies to actually operate an affiliate programme. However, this isn't the norm for us.

Affiliate Window works exclusively and directly with some of the UK's largest online retailers. It's this close contact with brands that enables us to provide proactive account management and insightful strategy that meets the requirements of our clients.

A performance marketing agency

Most of our large clients view Affiliate Window as their performance marketing agency, offering not just the technology to facilitate affiliate marketing, but the knowledge, insight and management to actually make the affiliate programme work. It's a position we are pleased to occupy, and if our clients view us as their performance marketing agency of choice it seems only right that we strive to achieve recognition alongside other companies considered in the same category.

For a long time the term 'affiliate network' has fallen short of describing what organisations like Affiliate Window actually offer to its clients, particularly from the perspective of client service. Affiliate Window is a company of 200 plus people, and around two-thirds of those people are employed in a direct client-service capacity. That underlines the importance we place on providing service and client engagement throughout an advertiser's time working with us. We also offer a lot of insight and performance-marketing consultation to clients that falls outside what has traditionally been considered 'affiliate marketing'. We actually have a Strategy Team dedicated to that function and we partner with a large number of third-party companies to ensure we provide services across the full spectrum of performance-marketing, including advanced ad serving, datafeed optimisation and mobile commerce.

The network is evolving

The role of a performance-marketing network is constantly evolving. Market-leading technology will always be a fundamental business principle for Affiliate Window, however providing technology in isolation isn't comprehensive enough. It means the client probably won't understand it well enough, won't utilise it to its full potential and certainly won't be able to analyse its effectiveness properly. Combining innovative tools with market-leading service should be the key proposition for any performance-marketing agency and hopefully the industry agrees that Affiliate Window fulfils those criteria.

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Anthony Clements

Anthony Clements

UK country manager, Affiliate Window

Anthony's role as client services director plays to his many strengths. A strong strategic thinker with an equal measure of commercial and customer facing acumen, Anthony brings a range of skills that benefit merchants and affiliates alike and is often featured as network mediator for group issues and discussions.

Anthony Clements joined Affiliate Window as an Account Manager in April 2006. After working with some of the network's key brands, he progressed to head up the Key Accounts Team in 2007, shaping the company's service orientated approach to affiliate marketing through some of its early growth years.

In April 2009, Anthony became Client Services Director, overseeing all of Affiliate Window's client-side service and in September 2014, he moved into the UK Country Manager role.  

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