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All-change in Rakuten Linkshare management

All-change in Rakuten Linkshare management


Rakuten Linkshare has altered the roles of Liane Dietrich and Mark Haviland within the global affiliate network. Dietrich has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer and Haviland is now Rakuten Linkshare Managing Director.

The company used its London Symposium event to break news of the management adjustments. It stated that the changes were made to reflect Rakuten Linkshare’s strategy to grow and change with the industry as it attempts to exceed the expectations of its advertisers and publishers.

Rakuten Linkshare expansion

Rakuten Linkshare already operates in the UK, US, Canada and Japan, and Dietrich’s move up the hierarchy comes at a time when the company is looking to expand into other markets. In addition to her more global role, she’s also expected to continue playing a part in UK operations, with Haviland having only made the move to Rakuten Linkshare fairly recently.

President and CEO at Rakuten LinkShare Corporation, Yaz Lida, described the changes as the company’s way of adapting to the more global marketplace that’s prevalent today. “As Rakuten LinkShare continues to expand the reach of its affiliate network to new markets, and as advertiser e-commerce capabilities become more advanced globally, we believe there is a huge opportunity to create profitable affiliate partnerships around the world,” he said.

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