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ExactView to muscle in on networks' turf? - Q&A

ExactView to muscle in on networks' turf? - Q&A


Would you say that Performance Horizon could remove networks from the equation?

We don’t believe it’s a good idea for all merchants to remove networks from the equation and view them as organisations that we are able to work alongside. However, the fact remains that there is a growing desire amongst brands and agencies to change their performance marketing strategy to allow greater control and more direct relationships with their affiliate and performance partners. Performance Horizon Group is the first player in the market enabling enterprise level brands and agencies to perform this strategic shift.

Do you think networks view you as a threat?

MB: My view is that the only way ‘traditional’ affiliate networks would view us as a threat is if they have misunderstood our proposition. As stated, we feel the mood within a wide section of the market is for a wholesale strategic shift in how brands and agencies approach their performance marketing activity. PHG’s ExactView will be the technology platform that underpins this evolution and there is still plenty of space for traditional affiliate networks, with their widespread longtail reach, to be part of this.

What's to stop networks from using ExactView features to remain competitive?

MB: ExactView is more than just a feature set; it’s the technology that facilitates a brand new direction in how performance marketing is carried out. It is impossible by definition to be an affiliate network and offer the proposition that PHG offer. Therefore just developing some of the ground-breaking features available in ExactView would not make them what we are.

Where will competition come from if you do successfully overtake traditional networks?

MB: As I mentioned, I’d be very surprised if affiliate networks are not still around in 5 years time. When strategic shifts, like the one we are seeing in performance marketing currently, occur then brand new opportunities present themselves and new businesses emerge to support the new ecosystem. At PHG, we have deliberately built our systems to be able to engage with different third parties as they gain a foothold within the market and so welcome change and innovation within the market.

What are the main advantages to clients of working with PHG?

MB: We feel that there are significant advantages to working with PHG, I’ll give you a quick top five.

  1. Customisation – We offer fully customised solutions to fit our clients exact requirements.
  2. API Access – ExactView sits on a proprietary API to which all aspects are available to clients and partners, allowing them to build tools to enhance their strategy.
  3. Improved tracking solutions – We provide reliable data in real time across multiple channels for our clients, allowing them to make faster decisions.
  4. Enhanced data – Further to point 3, we also provide significantly more data than previously possible, enabling clients to make better decisions.
  5. Cost savings – Because of our proposition we limit the override process typical of brand/network relationships, providing immediate cost savings to our clients.

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Simon Holland

Simon Holland

Simon is the news and research reporter at Existem. Previously a technology journalist, he now spends his time investigating both future and developing trends in performance marketing whilst producing editorial content for

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