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Adfonic launches mobile video advertising

Adfonic launches mobile video advertising


Adfonic is looking to replicate the power of television advertising on a mobile device with the launch of its new mobile advertising solution. The product is targeted at advertisers and agencies worldwide, with the aim being to mimic an online video ad on the screen of a smartphone or feature phone.

Advertisers will have the option to plan and buy mobile video campaigns across Adfonic’s global iOS and Android inventory. The company states that there are circa 200 million users each month via a network of approximately 10,000 publishers.

Seemless integration

Mobile video campaigns will harness the native video player found in both iOS and Android devices. Users will be taken from a mobile website’s advertisement directly to what’s being billed as a high-quality TV-like commercial. Once the video ends, the user is returned to the original app or website. Previously, mobile video ads required navigation to a remote player such as YouTube for viewing.

Adfonic’s offering also integrates real-time measurement of user engagement. The system provides a unique engagement score metric, which is displayed after tracking the amount of time an individual user watches the video. There are also traditional metrics such as number of clicks and the click-through rate – these will give advertisers a real-time picture of how successful the campaign is.

Paul Childs, Chief Marketing Officer at Adfonic, believes that the tracking capabilities of his mobile video advertising product gives it an advantage over more traditional platforms. “This level of visibility over campaign effectiveness is unheard of with TV or cinema advertising, and offers the holy grail of campaign measurement,” he claimed.

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