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Google Affiliate Network Officially Launches in the UK

Google Affiliate Network Officially Launches in the UK


From what we’ve heard so far the interface is up there with the best, and as of today you can see it in action following the launch news of Google Affiliate Network across Europe - one that is sure to ruffle a few feathers in the Performance Marketing space.

Nearly four years after launching in the US, Google officially brings its affiliate network to Europe today, putting platform innovation and functionality at the core of their launch message as they look to take a slice of the network pie. No tall order in the European market, even for the likes of Google!

Technology Integration

That said, the launch offering from Google Affiliate Network includes the integration of the many new performance technologies and utilities that we’re sure will add to the new networks’ pull of new publisher sign-ups including Coull’s video network, RingRevenue pay-per-call solution, data feed integration plus more through utilising your AdSense account. There are also rumours that Google + and Google analytics integration is on its way in the not-too-distant future as well.

Launching with Advertisers that include Blue Nile, Skechers and will continue to launch advertisers like Moonpig and TOMS Shoes. A number of new advertisers are set to join forces in Q2 including some well known brands – watch this space.

After holding a Publisher day at Google’s Tottenham Court Road office in London a few weeks back, many key industry personnel were able to see Google Affiliate Network in action through an interface demo, plus the latest insight from leading Google speakers on topics of trend analysis, YouTube and Product Strategy.

Publisher and Agency Perspectives

“We’ve been working with Google Affiliate Network since February ‘12 in the UK and since September ‘11 in the USA and we’re pretty excited about the official launch.” said James Little, Director of Partnerships at Top Cashback.

“The interfaces and reporting are very good and reports like the Opportunity Center will certainly help publishers big and small with finding new merchants to work with. Add in the payment terms and the stability of the Google brand and you’ve got a pretty good combination.”

The support team at Quidco were also pleased with Google Affiliate Network’s functionality:

“The best feature about the Google platform is how it all functions. It's smooth and fast at generating reports and content. On other networks we have to go through pages of settings/options which are slow and over detailed.

“On Google it's fast to navigate, fast to pull the basics but allows you to go deeper if you need to. All the vital merchant information is all on one page as well - contact details, description, terms and rates. On other networks you typically have to go into each individual section to get the information.

“It gets rid of being fancy and brings things back to basics which, in places, makes it better.”

Stacey Alexander, Account Development Director at Arena Media, was also in attendance and said:

“From an agency/merchants perspective Google Affiliate Network have a good platform, the reporting facilities and tools they provide are far advanced and I think other networks will have a lot to compete with on the technical side of things.

"However the other big players have grown relationships with their UK clients and are also continuing to develop their platforms to provide a great service for them. Google will instantly benefit from their US clients launching programmes in the UK but I think it will be a while before we see a controversial move.

"Let's watch this space - Google will definitely become an important player in the affiliate market but the question is how quickly?"

Q&A; with Tony Nelan, Head of Google Affiliate Network.

Read our Q&A; with Tony Nelan, Head of Google Affiliate Network for Europe on the launch and next steps as they look to cement their arrival in the UK and European Space.

You can join today as a Publisher by linking your AdSense account here.

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