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Criteo partners with DoubleVerify

Criteo partners with DoubleVerify


Retargeting company Criteo is strategically aligning itself with DoubleVerify, which specialises in online media verification and decisioning. Criteo hopes that the firm’s technology will boost its ‘brand safety’ requirements by preventing performance display ads from appearing on inappropriate or fraudulent sites.

Founded in Paris and now headquartered at Palo Alto in California, Criteo is best known for the retargeting product that it offers internet retailers. The company is hoping to shore up its solution with the addition of DoubleVerify’s ability to acquire data from each impression in real-time and then interpret whether or not the site on which the ad is being served is safe.

Criteo expects to use DoubleVerify’s data for every single one of its advertisers’ campaigns. The real-time data harnessing means that ads won’t be served in unsafe locations, which is an improvement over reporting the problem after its ocurred.

An industry first

Chief Buying Officer for Criteo, Jonathan Wolf, thinks that this product is one of a kind and unrivalled in the world today. “We believe this is the first time globally that anyone has implemented ad verification as an always-on solution for all their advertisers, and in such a way as to act in real-time before an impression is bought,” he said.

Publishers, advertisers, ad agencies, ad networks and demand-side platforms are all set to reap the rewards of Criteo’s new partnership. C Eoin Townsend, Senior Vice President of Partnerships and Business Development for DoubleVerify, feels that it will minimise unscrupulous activity. “This partnership will allow Criteo to verify their inventory and ensure their campaigns are safe, efficient, and carried out to their full potential,” he told us.

The new features that DoubleVerify brings to the table will go live immediately in the USA. Asia, Europe and the rest of the Americas will have to wait a little while longer: a scheduled country-by-country rollout will commence over the next six months.

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