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A4u Programme of the Week: SSE

A4u Programme of the Week: SSE


Name: SSE

Contact: Jennifer Rogerson


SSE’s programme encompasses various products. What is SSE’s most popular product in the affiliate channel?

The SSE programme currently encompasses iplan and Home Services.

iplan is by far the best selling product. It uses technology to allow customers to track their energy usage in real time. Using iplan’s unique online management tool to help manage and monitor their energy usage. This level of detail helps the customer to see their energy usage at a glance, and iplan provides personalised tips on cutting back, saving money and the environment.

iplan is a regional product that encompasses Scottish Hydro, for customers in Scotland, Southern Electric for customers in England, and SWALEC for those who reside in Wales. Affiliates send traffic to, where the customer follows a simple selection process in order to apply for the relevant brand.

What level of commission do you offer?

For iplan, we pay £23.20 for a single fuel application, and £46.40 for dual fuel (both gas and electricity). We are extremely flexible though, and happy to offer affiliates exclusive rates of commission when the opportunity is right. We also have the capacity to offer added value for the consumer in the form of vouchers, for example. Affiliates should contact with ideas or suggestions.

What sets SSE apart from competitors?

Undoubtedly, it is SSE’s outstanding customer service that differentiates it from other energy suppliers. For the third quarter in a row, SSE has received a 5 star rating from the statutory consumer champion, Consumer Focus, with the lowest number of customer complaints!*

In addition, SSE’s commitment to greener energy is a key selling point that affiliates can promote. Customers are financially rewarded for choosing paperless billing and reducing their energy usage, and SSE makes more energy from renewable sources than any other UK supplier.**

What does the future hold for SSE and its affiliate programme?

SSE has been working hard in recent months to simplify all tariffs, making things more straightforward for their customers.

We’re excited to report that we’ll soon have a comprehensive new landing page where all of SSE’s affiliate products will be displayed. Initially, this will include gas installs, electrical installs, and electrical heating along with iplan, but we’ll be adding new products and updates on an ongoing basis. This will ultimately mean that all affiliate traffic can be directed to one location, making things a lot more straightforward for our partners.

Anything else affiliates should know?

Affiliates should be aware that all iplan applications will track as single fuel, and manual commission is added for dual fuel applications at the validation stage. Please also note that due to conflicts of interests, we cannot work with affiliates that redirect traffic to energy comparison sites.

*Complaints to Ombudsman Services: Energy, Consumer Direct and contacts with Consumer Focus’ Extra Help Unit.

** "We" means the Scottish and Southern Energy Group, of which SSE Energy Supply Ltd and SSE Generation Ltd are members. SSE Generation Ltd generates more renewable electricity than any other energy company in the UK .Based on installed capacity as at 31.05.11 (Chapter 5)

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