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A4u Programme of the Week:



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Who are myphotobook and what do they do? is part of myphotobook GmbH’s portfolio of sites spanning 2 continents, 17 countries, in 11 languages. With websites in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA and Wales, our customer reach expands from Western Europe, Scandinavia and Poland, right across the Atlantic to the U.S.A. myphotobook GmbH belongs to the renowned Holtzbrinck Digital – the internet-investment arm of the Georg von Holtzbrinck publishing group in Germany.

Through, one of the most modern photo applications on the Internet, you can design your own photo books, canvasses, alu dibonds, photo calendars and posters, and order your photo prints, all in one online shop. Enjoy pictures of your vacation, wedding, birthday or any special occasion you’ve photographed. We supply high-quality photo products and have an excellent reputation, which is why our customers keep coming back to us. Besides the quality of our products, we also offer excellent customer support and innovative products.

Could you give us an overview of your affiliate programme?

The myphotobook UK Affiliate programme has been running since 2006 with our preferred Affiliate Network Commission Junction. With our modern tracking technology, up-to-date creative materials and detailed statistics, we ensure transparency and good conversion rates.

How does the myphotobook UK partner programme work?

  • Place our creative material on your website
  • Your customer clicks on a myphotobook creative and lands on the myphotobook UK website
  • You earn an attractive commission with every order

Creative material

You advertise us with Banners, Textlinks, Newsletters, Pop Ups/ Pop Unders. We regularly provide you with up-to-date creatives for use, so that no sale is lost.

How do you earn money with myphotobook?

As soon as a visitor downloads the myphotobook software over your Tracking-ID and has performed an order successfully, your provision will be booked into your affiliate account. Experience has shown that a lot of visitors regularly purchase a photo product after the download. The designing of a photo book can take several days; through the 30 day cookie period you are ensured of every sale made!

What Commission Model do you use?

  • Up to 15% commission (net turnover without shipping) for every sale achieved
  • The average shopping basket value is £50!
  • Attractive premium conditions for Top partners

Note: a commission can only be realized when a user downloads the software over a partner link and in the end generates sales through this software. Single orders will not be compensated for.

Is Search Engine Marketing allowed?

SEM for myphotobook is allowed, under the following conditions:

  • The brand name ‘myphotobook’ and misspellings cannot be used
  • You cannot link directly to You require your own domain!
  • Myphotobook cannot be used in the display URL

Do you have any special offers running for customers or affiliates?

We are aware that our customers love a good bargain, while still retaining their highest priority of quality products. We have special offers running on our website covering all important occasions and festivals. We also keep in mind that similar to our customers; our publishers also love a good deal! We recently had a Valentine’s Day offer exclusively for our affiliates which was a resounding success! Be sure to look out for our Mother’s Day special!

Who are you looking for in terms of affiliates?

Our affiliates are from varied business backgrounds and promote us using every conceivable modern method online. Given our best selling product which is the ‘photo book’, and the fact that our products are very much entwined with the act of gifting and making memories, affiliates with sites focusing on photo products, gift services, personal shopping clubs, travelling, family etc. are most apt for our programme. A product such as ours also does well with a viral edge – writers, bloggers, opinionated people – we welcome you to become our affiliate!

We also work with incentive and voucher websites, however on a different commission structure.

Where can affiliates find you?

If you are already a publisher at Commission Junction, simply look us up in the Art/Photo/Music > Photo category. Otherwise, sign up is a simple process and begins here:

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