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Google Android beats Apple iOS in ad impressions

Google Android beats Apple iOS in ad impressions


2011 saw Android top the ad impression rankings on Millenial Media’s advertising network. The Google operating system had a 47% share of device impressions, whereas Apple’s iOS managed only a 33% share. That amounts to a 504% year-on-year growth for Android and a 7% decline for iOS.

This data has come from independent mobile advertising and data platform Milllenial Media’s recently released yearly report, which summarises the performance of smartphone operating systems on its network in 2011.

Android has made some great gains in the mobile advertising world since 2010, when it only held a 30% share compared to iOS’ 41%. This increase is made all the more impressive because the iPhone still looks down on its peers from the Number One spot in the Top 20 Mobile Phones ranking (also in the Millenial report).

The trouble with iAd

These figures really spell out the difficulty that Apple has been having with its advertising options. The company’s iAd service initially required advertisers to spend a hefty $1m in order to use it, and though that figure has been slashed twice since then – first to $500k and now to the more affordable $100k – only time will tell if these cuts will be enough to bring the platform back into the contention with the seemingly burgeoning Android community.

It’s good news for Apple in the tablet sector, however: Millenial’s report reveals that the iPad has been number one on the ad platform since it debuted in 2010. In second place, with less than half the impression share of the iPad, is Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. Unsurprisingly, smartphones have led tablets in Millenial’s Connected Device Mix for two years now, with a 68% year-on-year increase – so Apple can’t afford to be complacent regarding its advertising services, even while leading this field.

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