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A4u Programme of the Week: Vodafone

A4u Programme of the Week: Vodafone


Name: Vodafone

Contact: Stuart Ralph


Can you give us a brief overview of the Vodafone affiliate programme?

Vodafone operate a tiered commission structure to reward affiliates for higher value sales.

Vodafone’s payment scheme rewards affiliates every time a customer applies for a contract. We are sure you will agree this will make it much clearer how much commission you have earned each month. The only sales you will see declined are those for which you are not the last referrer. Commission is paid on each completed application/product within the order.

You've recently changed your commission structure - can you explain what has changed and why you made this move?

We recently moved from a very top level commission group structure to a more granular set of commission groups. Traditionally, Vodafone laid their groups into handsets, iPhones, Sim Only and Mobile Broadband which didn’t allow for freedom when creating affiliate offers. The new commission groups which went live earlier this month are similar to the above, however we have now added contract length and cost as new commission groups. This allows Vodafone to tailor offers to meet the needs of the affiliate’s customer base while being strategic to Vodafone’s internal demands.

As one of the only mobile telecommunications companies that allow affiliates to use voucher codes, what added benefits does this have for you and how should affiliates effectively promote them?

Vodafone have had voucher code functionality since 2010; the team at Vodafone worked incredibly hard to get this function in place. Having the ability to offer voucher codes allowed Vodafone to differentiate themselves against their competitors, it also opened up a new customer base we weren’t currently accessing. Vodafone voucher codes have been adopted by the affiliates and customers extremely well, two popular codes they have done well are FREEDONGLE and 3MHPLR, they equate to ‘get a free mobile broadband dongle with selected contracts’ and ‘3 months half price line rental’ respectively (Good news, they’re still live). Due to a mobile contract being a high purchase transaction it’s key to add a line or two of description including what the code entitles the customer to, T&Cs; and date. We find this actually helps lower any perceived risks the customer is feeling and results in more clickthroughs and ultimately more sales.

You've recently started working with Tagman, who enable you to further analyse your campaigns. How will this benefit affiliates on your programme?

Tagman is a tracking solution which allows Vodafone to monitor all online marketing channels through one container tag; it was integrated earlier this month. Tagman will allow Vodafone to see the true value of the affiliate channel within its overall digital marketing mix. The current programme is focused on sales, as are most programmes. The long term goal is to understand how affiliates interact with other channels even when they are not the last referrer. Insight like this will enable Vodafone to judge the ‘true value’ of the affiliate beyond the last click perspective, and ensure budget is allocated more intelligently.

What products would you preferably encourage affiliates to promote, in order for the best ROI for you and best CPA for them?

We have recently reworked the commission structure as mentioned above to reward affiliates on the higher ROI tariffs. The best earners for the affiliates are in two categories Sim Only and handset contracts. The key wins within Sim Only will be the £20.50 + tariffs; it’s worth noting Vodafone have currently reduced their £10.50 and £15.50 tariffs by £2.50 offering great value for the consumer and increased sales for the affiliate. Handset contracts are broken into 12, 18, 24 months with tariff tiers on top. The best earning tariffs will be 24 months £36 or greater, as these not only offer the best CPA they are the best volume drivers.

Anything else our readers should know?

With the latest developments within the affiliate programme and the current offline marketing campaign featuring Yoda from Star Wars, interest in Vodafone is high; these are certainly exciting times to be part of the programme.

Watch the latest ‘Yoda’ commercial here: Vodafone and Yoda

Sign up for the Vodafone programme here.

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