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TradeDoubler expands to Latin America
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TradeDoubler expands to Latin America


European performance marketing company, TradeDoubler, has announced a new foothold in South America. It has also pinpointed Brazil as its base of operation. The main reason given by TradeDoubler's President and CEO, Urban Gillström, for these countries being targeted was due to them, “growing rapidly.”

Brazil’s economy is the seventh largest in the world. It has Latin America’s largest online population and e-commerce market, twice the size of Spain and Italy. However, last month The World Bank issued a report stating developing countries, of which Brazil is one, are expected to see their slowest growth since 2009 when the recession first hit. Despite this TradeDoubler told A4U it sees, “huge growth potential and a ready-made client base from amongst our existing customers”.

Some of the growth TradeDoubler mentions is likely to stem from more business sectors moving online, which will have the knock-on effect of increasing Internet penetration from the current 40 per cent. The company forecasts that mobile markets will be an important part of that growth with 84 per cent of the population residing in urban areas and travelling mostly in traffic.

Hot on the heels of its end-of-year financial news, TradeDoubler has wasted little time in setting up shop in Latin America and declaring its work with a larger client in the country. The company expects to build on these foundations by attracting local and international clients as well as drafting. TradeDoubler envisages Brazil being the start of something much larger with the aim being to expand into other countries.

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