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'Social' Affiliate Marketing Launches across Europe with 'Hotels WithMe'

'Social' Affiliate Marketing Launches across Europe with 'Hotels WithMe'


The ‘Hotels WithMe’ app enables friends, families and colleagues to get together to collectively browse, choose and book a hotel from’s portfolio of almost 140,000 properties worldwide. Launched today in conjunction with and Columbus internet, the owners of other facebook pages can now integrate the app onto their pages and earn commissions for bookings made through it.

In association with, this new in-Facebook affiliate programme allows the facebook user to see detailed overviews of the app's performance within their Facebook pages.

The affiliate tracking system is accessible to page-admins, taking away the need to visit the third party Affiliate Performance website directly.

Facebook-2-Facebook Affiliate Marketing

Geolocated Hotel Bookings

As the excited voiceover man in the video suggests, this new in-Facebook affiliate programme enables publishers with popular Facebook pages to offer this social hotel booking engine to their fans, enabling these users to collaborate and chat to make hotel bookings, ideal for those who are booking from different geolocations and attending the same event, whether it be a sport, concert, conference or show etc.

Once the booking(s) are made, the facebook page owner is awarded a flat commission (4% flat fee for the app) which is up to 10% on over 5 networks across Europe.

Josie Shah, Director of Partner Marketing at, comments:

"The launch of the affiliate programme utilising the app is a unique innovation for, and one we are pleased to be spearheading. The use of this app through Facebook pages will be of particular interest to those championing sports events, bands or concert tours as it can be pre-set with default dates and locations to match multiple tour dates. This offers a useful service to fans of the Facebook page as well as great commission opportunities for the owner."

Andrew Sittermann, CEO at Columbus Internet, said: "This is not only the first real Affiliate Program to sit within Facebook, it is also a way for Facebook pages to significantly increase interaction with visitors to their pages,"

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