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QHotels and its relationship with Equator agency - Q&A

QHotels and its relationship with Equator agency - Q&A


How did QHotels come to seek Equator’s assistance?

QHotels initially looked for a digital agency to design and develop a brand new, content managed hotel web site to evolve an antiquated, restrictive online platform. Equator was selected for this project in early 2011.

What sort of work has Equator done with QHotels since you’ve joined forces?

Equator now manages the SEO, PPC and affiliate channels on behalf of the client, offering an integrated and holistic approach to marketing the award-winning hotel group.

The digital agency continues to work closely with QHotels to develop its state of the art, user-friendly website which is set to launch in summer 2012.

How has QHotels gone about making its mark on the industry?

We’re the first Affiliate Window programme to have “stay date tracking”, allowing our affiliates visibility of when the stays they’ve generated will take place, and therefore when they can expect to receive their commission.

Our HTML affiliate newsletter is a rich resource for our affiliates. It’s circulated in the first week of each calendar month and clearly details the Featured Hotels for the current month along with our offers, and other relevant content. Each month, affiliates can earn up to 10% commission on our selected hotels, a very generous rate and fantastic incentive to promote QHotels.

How does it remain competitive and different from other hotel brands?

QHotels prides itself on being the opposite of a “cookie cutter brand”, recognising that each hotel is unique and approaching each hotel dilemma individually.

There is little bureaucracy at QHotels and everyone has a chance to have a say and make a difference. This aids quick decision making and quick implementation of change.

Guest experience is at the forefront of all of QHotels activity, and the new website is set to offer a much more intuitive and customer-focused experience.

Has QHotels encountered any issues? If so, how did Equator work with it to solve them?

Fortunately, there haven’t been any significant issues so far. Equator has a wealth of experience in the hotel industry, which arms the team with a sound understanding of the potential obstacles in designing, building and marketing the brand new site for QHotels.

Both Equator and QHotels continue to push the boundaries though, so they are prepared to overcome some barriers along the way.

What does the future hold for QHotels?

2012 will see the launch of QHotels’ eagerly-anticipated new website, which presents a huge opportunity for our affiliates. We have a number of exciting incentives planned for the coming months, as well as more exclusive offers for our partners to promote.

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