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SYYCO discusses its contribution as an agency to affiliate marketing  - Q&A

SYYCO discusses its contribution as an agency to affiliate marketing - Q&A


How did SYYCO come into being?

We started by talking to a number of travel businesses. They showed a real interest in us helping them grow their affiliate sales. We brought a lot of experience in travel and a strong level of knowledge in the affiliate market. The addition of more travel advertisers and the corresponding interest from publishers made us set up SYYCO, an affiliate marketing agency specialising in Travel.

What's changed in affiliate marketing since SYYCO’s inception?

In the short space of time we have been running SYYCO we have seen an increasing need from both advertisers and publishers to generate an increasing return on their activity. The market is extremely tough and we need to work harder to generate sales.

How do you adapt your management style between different advertisers and publishers?

Both advertisers and publishers have different needs and it’s a case of finding those out and focussing on what works to suit those needs. Some Publishers want a specific type of Offer, Some clients want to work in a specific channel of distribution.

What styles do you adopt given that you’re a purely travel-based agency as opposed to full service?

The difference between SYYCO and other agencies is that we are focussing only on Affiliate Marketing as opposed to search or display. This means we can be a lot more focussed and go into a lot more depth to make the affiliate campaigns work. At the same time we are concentrating on travel specifics as opposed to food & beverage or clothing or health & beauty verticals.

How have you helped your clients to become profitable despite the economic downturn?

It is a constant challenge to get a positive ROI for both clients and affiliates. It is not just about getting coverage for clients it’s about getting sales with decent metrics for both clients and affiliates.

What top tip would you give to those looking to enter the travel industry?

The travel industry is extremely competitive. We would suggest focus in a specific product or distribution channel and test what you do relentlessly. Then take it from there.

For more information on, SYYCO you can contact the agency on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and A4u

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