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Build new relationships with speed networking

Build new relationships with speed networking


“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” This well-known proverb is often bandied about, and while it can’t be applied to all situations, it holds true for the performance marketing industry. Contacts are key to the very existence of advertisers, publishers and agencies, and this is why A4u will once again be holding a speed networking event at the forthcoming PerformanceIN Travel & Leisure conference.

For the uninitiated, speed networking is an ideal platform to meet not only other people in the business of performance marketing, but also those in your sector of choice. You’ll be able to exchange ideas, anecdotes and perhaps even contact details so that you can work together in the future. Just make sure all this is done within the allotted two minutes, because you’ll be ushered towards your next brief meeting shortly after the ding of the bell!

Meeting new clients

Many have found this event to be incredibly beneficial. Andrew Thomas, director of development at Ultimate Feed, was roped into participating – but once in, he didn’t regret it. He met two clients that he’s now working with, one of which is a very large retailer. He had some very wise words for people yet to try speed networking. “The important thing is to listen to the other person,” he advises. “Everyone is in such a hurry to tell their story that they don’t take in the other person opposite them.” TopCashBack’s operations manager, Adam Bullock, was another to find the session useful. He believes there are some very distinct parallels between speed networking and the affiliate industry as a whole, referring to the rate at which you meet new people and create new relationships. What would he say to those new to the concept? “Know what opportunities you as an affiliate have off by heart. If you don’t know your own site and your own USP’s, then how are you expecting to convince a merchant about them?”

Even if those scant two minutes don’t immediately produce a new business relationship, they can be worth their weight in gold in the future. Adam offers some sage encouragement: “Even if you don’t do business right there and then, you will get something planned in for a later date, or even have that relationship in place for if someone moves from merchant to network side or vice versa.”

Whether you’re an advertiser, publisher or agency, we’re sure you’ll benefit from this unique, enjoyable and business-bolstering event! To be a part of it, confirm your attendance at the PerfomanceIN Travel and Leisure Conference and then dash on over to the speed networking registration page, sponsored once again by Webgains. Act now, because the number of seats is limited and we’re sure they’ll all be snapped up!

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