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A4u Programme of the Week: Find My Supplies

A4u Programme of the Week: Find My Supplies


Name: Find My Supplies

Contact: Chris McCarthy-Stott


For those who don't know about FindMySupplies - what are you selling online?

We’re first and foremost a retailer of HP branded ink, toner and printers. However we also stock a complimentary selection of office supplies. In addition to this we’re in the process of doubling our product inventory over the coming weeks.

You mentioned that you're on the lookout for new affiliates - why is this the case and who are you looking to work with?

Previously we’ve only actively engaged with a select number of super affiliates due to limited internal resources. We’ve now got a full in house digital marketing team; this gives us the ability to support a larger more varied selection of affiliates.

FindMySupplies products have been recently subject to price cuts - how have you been able to make these cuts and what are the current best selling products that affiliates should be promoting?

We’ve made price cuts of up to 10% which in our industry is very aggressive. We’ve been able to do this by being prepared to accept a lower profit level per sale in exchange for increased customer loyalty, thus increasing the lifetime value of an initial sale.

By far our most popular products are the HP inkjet cartridges, especially the multipack. We’d be more than happy to provide a more in-depth list of best sellers to any affiliate who asks.

What current commission rates are you offering?

We’re offering 5% commission on all sales.

Anything else our readers should know?

We’re actually an HP owned site, our affiliates can be sure that they are sending visitors to a trustworthy supplier, allowing our affiliates to get on with doing what they do best; earning commission.

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