Forward, developers of 'InvisibleHand' talk to A4U about winning in 2011 and what's still to come

6 years
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Invisible Hand - 2011 winners of Publisher Innovation & Best 3rd Party Affiliate Application. Click on the images below to view the videos.

Congratulations are still in order following your successes at the Performance Marketing Awards (formerly a4uAwards) last year. Did you anticipate such a good response to InvisibleHand from the judges?

"No. I thought we were in with a decent chance of picking up 1 award. Winning two, and getting the highly commends on top of that was way beyond expectations!"

8 months have passed since the awards ceremony, how has winning one of our awards aided you on a day-to-day basis?

"The main benefit was that it aided recognition & credibility amongst potential new UK partners. After our A4U wins, anyone working in the UK affiliate space had heard of IH (and a lot of people wanted to tell us how much they love IH!)"

How does the impending EU privacy law affect what you're doing with InvisibleHand, if at all, and how do you plan to combat this when enforced in June 2012?

"We've had some internal meetings to discuss and looked carefully at when/how we're dropping cookies. However, we haven't made any changes to the product."

How important is the technology from product feeds and other feeds to your activities? Do you feel there are enough quality feeds coming through the channel yet?

"Product feeds are vital - as it's how we populate our database. Poor quality feeds (which lack EANs/UPCs) are a serious issue. If a retailer doesn't provide a decent feed then (in most cases) it's impossible to integrate that retailer into IH."

Where's next for InvisibleHand?

"We're broadening the service by gradually adding more verticals, while also increasing the number of retailers covered by IH. In 2011 we've added flights, hotels and rental cars, and more-than-doubled our retailer coverage. We're currently testing secondary ticket comparison and daily deals. The idea is that a user should be able to shop for any product or service, and feel secure that IH will discreetly notify them if a better deal is available somewhere else. We're also looking into web apps and mobile apps!"

Interview with Robin Landy, Founder of InvisibleHand


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