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Affiliate Incubator Scheme Kick Starts

Affiliate Incubator Scheme Kick Starts


The need for new blood within Affiliate Marketing is clear. Affiliate Networks and Advertisers are determined to spread risk and the latter increasingly seek to engage with affiliates who, lets say are not so close to the end of the customer journey.

That considered start-ups today have so many different possible paths it’s essential that Performance Based Marketing principles be entrenched into their embryonic strategies to quite possibly steer them to build the next Quidco or vouchercloud of the future.

The Zoo Project

The Zoo Project launched in Q4 2011 aims to achieve just that. With a published investment of £1 million a panel of judges, which I’m excited to say includes myself, will select around 12 companies from a number of potential start-ups that have the promise to not only embrace but perform within the many facets of Performance Marketing.

I’m intrigued to see the kind of individuals and companies that step forward as the support and benefits of being selected are impressive. Free office space in central London (with no business rates) and the entire infrastructure that a buzzing start-up needs today. Apart from the support and doors that both the dragons and the internal staff at TradeDoubler can bring, I’m really excited about how the different start-ups will be able to collaborate together.

The potential for the incubator to churn out innovative projects is enormous as ideas fly around the room, joint ventures emerge and skills shared.

I’d imagine the potential for seed funding would be available too given by either the dragons, their respective companies or TradeDoubler themselves.

According to the recent shareholder update by CEO Urban Gilstrom, it appears that TradeDoubler currently have a cash surplus – which makes the Zoo project even more of a shrewd project.

Over the coming months I look forward to sharing with you updates on the project in addition to profiles of some of the entrepreneurs and companies chosen to participate.

For more details and to apply (deadline is 31st January 2012) see the dedicated website or follow the @td_zoo twitter address.

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Matthew Wood

Matthew Wood

Having spent time as managing director of vouchercloud, building a fantastic team, steering product & strategy and achieving treble digit YOY growth - Matthew is now back at where it all began and his ultimate passion, PerformanceIN.

Matthew is a 18-year industry veteran and behind the Performance Marketing Insights conference series, the Performance Marketing Awards, and the ceremony's European counterpart which debuted alongside PMI: Europe in Amsterdam in 2016.

Matthew is co-founder and non executive director of Optimus, an award winning digital performance marketing agency and remains an Investor at vouchercloud after the investment by Vodafone PLC in 2012.

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