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A4u Programme Of The Week: TomTom

A4u Programme Of The Week: TomTom


Name: TomTom

Affiliate Manager: Aftab Aslam

Contact Details: / 0203 178 8482

Can you give us a brief overview of the TomTom affiliate programme and your commission rates?

"TomTom is the world's leading brand for personal navigation. The affiliate programme allows affiliates to promote a variety of products, maps and services. Some of these products include the standard Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs) and voices, maps (whether that’s updating a current map, or buying a new one). Then there are the services such as real-time traffic information (TomTom HD Traffic), Weather and Speed Camera coverage. There’s plenty more as well!

"The base commission rate is 4.5% which is strong in this competitive sector, and is applicable for all products, maps, and services sold on TomTom. However, there is a 6% bonus tier if affiliates drive 5+ sales within a one month period. TomTom are always looking for collaborative and interesting partnerships, and therefore a certain degree of flexibility exists with the commission level. Affiliates are encouraged to contact the Affiliate Manager to discuss this."

Which affiliates are you looking to work with in particular?

"TomTom is open to working with more or less all affiliate types. There are no real restrictions in place. The desire to work with content-based, gadget and electronic sites is strong, and are very much welcomed. However, this is not at the expense of others. TomTom offer regular voucher codes, and therefore these are applicable to content, incentive and email partners amongst others. If there are affiliates reading this who sit outside of the ‘traditional’ affiliate mix, then TomTom would be very interested to hear from them."

Competing against new smartphones with built-in navigation technology, what selling points can be used by Affiliates to push the TomTom brand?

"TomTom not only offers a wide selection of PND’s to cater for every need, but a vast range of accessories, add-ons, a comprehensive map shop and LIVE services. That makes pushing them an attractive choice, despite the competition smartphones may offer.

"A strong selling point for affiliates is the refurbished PND’s from the Outlet Store. Every device is TomTom Approved, and arrives in a new box with brand new documentation and the same limited warranty that one would get with a brand new TomTom device. The discounted price stacks up favourably with resellers, and if you throw in free delivery on products £54+, affiliates can push a really compelling package."

Anything else our readers should know?

"As with any good affiliate programme in the electronics sector, a robust and comprehensive product feed is available for affiliates. TomTom does well on the sales front because it’s not a seasonal product as such. There’s demand for PND’s, or the add-ons TomTom offers all-year round. Peaks are strong around the travel periods (Easter, July-August), Father’s Day and of course Christmas. +

"There’s a certain level of fun and quirkiness which affiliates might like to promote, such as the 32 famous / celebrity voices to buy, and products like the limited edition Top Gear TomTom, with Jeremy Clarkson’s voice and a Stig mode rendering the device silent! With dedicated account management from nonstopConsulting, affiliates can be guaranteed an efficient response to queries or suggestions they may have."

Sign up to the TomTom affiliate programme on TradeDoubler or Affiliate Window

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