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Defining Lead Generation - Q&A

Defining Lead Generation - Q&A


Defining the term 'Lead Generation'...

"Lead generation is the process of collecting details from individuals who have expressed an interest in a particular product or service. Importantly, they have given their explicit consent to be contacted when submitting their personal data.

"A lead is therefore a newly acquired “prospect” for which a merchant will spend time marketing to in an attempt to convert to a new customer."

What were the reasons behind Affiliate Window launching a dedicated lead generation service?

"Over the past year we have had an increasing demand from existing clients for us to expand into other areas of performance marketing and more specifically; to be able to closely manage lead generation activity on their behalf. Historically, campaigns were tracked like a traditional affiliate marketing programme, with the reliance on a month end feedback process to ascertain the valid leads (percentage duplicate, percentage un-contactable/dud etc).

"Following our ethos of performance with quality there was a clear need to be able to act as a protective filter between the source and delivery of the leads, into the client’s fulfilment process. By managing the verification of leads, clients can now experience significant down-stream cost savings and Affiliate Window can optimise lead sources in accordance with the validity of the leads that they deliver."

What different types of campaigns can clients have Affiliate Window manage?

"Within reason we can accommodate all types of campaigns a client wishes us to manage, whether that’s with short term budget or lead capped, long term contribution to delivering new leads, brochures, free samples, free trials, competitions for email sign-ups, quotes etc.

"The team spend a great deal of time recruiting new bespoke partners applicable to the client in question, whether that’s premium inventory, co-registration (vertical co-reg or competition based), vertical lead specialists or other creative ways to identify areas online where a fitting target demographic audience appears."

How can publishers adapt to utilise lead generation?

"I don’t feel publishers need to adapt as such, I think it’s about being aware of the type of traffic they generate or receive to their websites and harnessing this to approach clients within relevant verticals to be part of their campaigns.

"Much like we have to continuously test what works for a client, publishers should test advertising different lead generation campaigns to see which they generate the most response on. If they find a product area or service that works well, they can use case study examples to promote themselves onto other campaigns quite possibly commanding higher CPL prices!

"Publishers should be vocal to account managers as to their requirements and need to ensure (if applicable) that they comply with data protection regulations and can demonstrate the privacy policy used at customer sign-up stage.

"Placement of the advertising should be carefully considered rather than just randomly added. What other content is on the site that is relevant and therefore could spark the customer’s desire for a certain product or service and into following links to submit their details?"

How do you ensure the validity of leads?

"There are various steps that can be made to ensure leads that are delivered to clients are to the best of our ability, valid.

"Initially we ensure there is direct communication and a complete understanding of how each lead source is going to generate leads on behalf of a client, transparency is key at all levels.

"Validity of the dataset itself is achieved by utilising our white label data verification software. This allows us to filter out invalid leads based on variable criteria, such as nonsense data patterns or telephone lines that aren’t live and connected.

"At the verification filtering stage clients can also dynamically flag to us whether the lead is a duplicate already in their prospect database Duplication logic can be more complex where required, perhaps flagging a lead as commissionable if, for example, there has been no interaction via other marketing activity within 6 months – so essentially a “re-introduced” prospect that the lead source should be rewarded commission on."

What clients are the lead generation team at Affiliate Window currently working with?

"Amongst the selection of clients to launch campaigns recently are Anglian Home Improvements, Warner Leisure and Carphone Warehouse. We have a spectrum of types integrating so we really hope that a wider variety of affiliates will have the chance to work on one or many CPL campaigns in the not so distant future."

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