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Xmas Tips For Publishers - Part Three

Xmas Tips For Publishers - Part Three


Today's publisher tips have been supplied by Hardeep Sohal, Account Director at CommissionJunction.

Christmas Tips for Publishers

Christmas is the most important season for many retailers, consumers are all shopping and it’s vital that retailers ensure they get their message heard. Marketing investments also rise but there’s a huge amount of competition for space. Here are a few handy hints to help you achieve cut through this Christmas.

1) Be Proactive

Don’t sit back and wait for advertisers to flood in – it will end up being more of a trickle and could be a let-down. If you want the best deals and know that you have the capacity to deliver then make yourself known. The onus is on you to contact your network and let them know you’re prepared and can deliver this Christmas.

2) Plan and Propose

OK, so you’ve contacted your network and they’re really impressed at your proactive nature, but they’re going to come back with questions. Make sure you’re prepared and plan a presentation to show them exactly what you can deliver.

Don’t waffle and fill it full of statistics; performance marketing is all about the metrics so make sure you’ve got plenty to hand. It makes networks lives easier and it’s better for an advertiser to understand why they should work with you if you present some hard hitting stats.

3) Christmassy Content

Now you’re in the position where everyone loves you, networks are pushing all programmes to you and were really impressed by your statistical presentation, so don’t forget about the consumer.

There’s always a key list of Christmas presents that appear on letters to Father Christmas across the country – make sure you know what these are and gear your content to what’s popular.

The sooner you get your content organised, the better you can optimise it – giving you even more stats to boast about.

You can even change the skin on your site to add some festive spirit. Everyone loves a bauble or two!

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