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A4u Programme Of The Week: Directline Holidays

A4u Programme Of The Week: Directline Holidays


Programme Name: Directline Holidays

Affiliate Manager: Katie Sebire

Contact Details:, 0208 239 5062

We've noticed you have recently increased affiliate commission from 3-5% for November. Is this to prepare affiliates for the January holiday rush or to bring you in line with other holiday retailer's commissions for the upcoming busy period in Travel?

"We are seeing a lot of interest for winter sun holidays at the moment so this commission increase is there to further stimulate demand and as a secondary objective, we are using the commission increase as an affiliate recruitment drive to get all the key affiliates in place for January."

Directline Holidays has embraced some Performance aspects including Pay Per Call. Was this a natural progression and how do you expect this to fair when launched?

"PayPerCall (which went live yesterday) is part of a bigger drive to get more engaged with the affiliate community and if possible (in this area) gain the edge on our competitors. We have already had a fantastic level of interest in the programme so we are very excited to see the results. Click here to sign up to our PayPerCall programme."

When do you predict the peak days in January for holiday bookings to be? What can Affiliates do to prepare for this?

"The last two weeks of January are traditionally very good and we predict that any Sunday within those last two weeks will peak."

How do longtail affiliates tend to fair with the Directline Holidays programme, and what tips do you have for them?

"We mix traditional tour operator holidays with our own dynamically packaged holidays – any affiliate that can hit our search results page will be sending their traffic to a fairly unique search proposition. Some of our long tail affiliates have been in the travel industry for years and quite often we end up getting tips from them!

"As with any programme the long tail affiliates are vital to our programme and we will be launching search boxes before January to further help convert bookings."

Anything else our readers should know?

"We are strongest around the Med, Canary Islands and Egypt so linking to those destination work well. We also have a good converting “last minute” calendar that affiliates can link to by destination using the links on our affiliate programme. We’ve also recently launched a product feed and enhanced our hotel landing page for better conversions. If anyone would like to join our affiliate programme they can do so by going to:"

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