Share Results Affiliate Tracking Software Enhanced with Email Compliance Feature

6 years
    Press Release

Montreal, QC, November 8, 2011 – Share Results has enhanced its affiliate marketing software with new branding and functionality making it easier for retail clients to manage their customized affiliate programs and affiliate networks. A leading provider of affiliate tracking software for retail businesses with customized affiliate programs or affiliate networks, Share Results has made three distinct changes to its platform. Merchants will benefit from a cleaner interface, more compact affiliate search capability, and the ability to pull email lists and stay compliant with anti-spam legislation.

“Since our foray into the affiliate marketing industry, we have recognized that it is a must to consistently develop our white label software platform so it can work in harmony with the online revenue goals of retail businesses,” said Share Results President, Nicky Senyard. “The enhancements to the Share Results tracking software platform is congruent with industry changes such as anti-spam legislation, and the desire of businesses to better manage multiple affiliate programs all on one software platform.”

There are three new features in the Share Results tracking software that affects the way retail businesses interact with their new interface.

Default Merchant: Merchants that are operating multiple affiliate programs under one network will now have the option of deciding which of their programs they would like to be the default. This makes it simple for merchants that have a conglomeration of multiple retail offers.

Opt In/Opt Out: Share Results has made it easier for merchants to be in compliance with anti-spam laws. Merchants can now embed an unsubscribe link directly in their email messages to affiliates, thereby complying with anti-spam laws, and facilitating affiliates ability to unsubscribe.

Affiliate Search: Merchants will have an easier time finding their affiliates by using basic criteria from a compact drop-down menu and search field. Categories for search criteria include affiliate ID number, site ID number, affiliate group and country. Additionally, a report of the affiliate search results can now be exported into Excel spreadsheet format.

Share Results provides businesses with demos of its software to give businesses an overview of the company’s affiliate tracking software solution. To request a demo of Share Results’ affiliate marketing software or to learn more about the product upgrades, please visit the Share Results website.