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Markco Media's New Recruits, Including Q&A With CCO Rob Berrisford

Markco Media's New Recruits, Including Q&A With CCO Rob Berrisford


You've joined Markco Media's team soon after having your most recent venture,, acquired by Wowcher. What have you been brought in to accomplish at Markco Media?

"Pete and I approached Mark (our CEO/Founder) about coming in to lend a hand. We've known each other for a long time, and looking at Markco Media from the outside thought we could do a lot to drive things forward. So we approached Mark about joining the team and the rest is history. We believe the sector still has a lot to improve on and a long way to go."

The joint appointment with Peter Rowe, ex-UK MD of affilinet, brings experience from different areas of the affiliate market into Markco Media at a senior level. What do you think you can both offer within the company?

"I think we can both bring some deep routed industry experience to the company. Pete has been in the affiliate game for even longer than I have. We both know the space better than most so hopefully we can use that experience to the benefit of Markco Media."

What areas of the business within Markco Media are you expecting to see growth and further profitability from over the next 12 months?

"We have a few interesting plans in the pipeline. I think the market has been fairly stagnant for a while. The basic plan for all voucher code sites seems to have been, better discounts to more people.

"I think we can work more strategically with clients to add much more value and fit closer with their internal KPI’s and budget fluctuations. (corporate bingo players must have had a field day with that one.)"

Who should be making contact with you currently to facilitate working with Markco Media?

"Pete and I have been doing the usual rounds, sitting down with all the major networks, agencies and clients to let them know our plans going forward. Fundamentally I would say anyone who has had a negative experience with the voucher code sector and specifically Markco Media should get in touch to see how we can help."

Is it nice being firmly back in the Affiliate space after moving over to the Daily Deals area?

"I was consulting for CK Net while starting Crowdity, so I was never too far away, saying that it was nice to get a little distance from the space for a while. I have been working in AM since 2005, so it was good to get a little perspective by taking a step back. I also have plenty of mates who I met through affiliate land, so it will be nice to be able to have a beer meeting with them for genuine reasons, rather than just to gossip about the affiliate industry."

Finally, how do you view the Voucher Code market currently? Where would you say are the main opportunities to drive new traffic and incrementality?

"I think the key thing here is incrementality, which is something everyone in affiliate marketing questions from time to time. We are working hard to improve the options available to advertisers, meaning that whatever their budget or need we will have an option to give them."

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