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TradeDoubler Interim Figures Show A Rapidly Growing Mobile Channel

TradeDoubler Interim Figures Show A Rapidly Growing Mobile Channel


Webcast from TradeDoubler Interim Presentation.

Headline Figures for TradeDoubler

Q3 outperformed Q2 for the first time in TradeDoubler's history, showcasing gross margin for Q3 at 21.75%, and an accumulated growth of 10% for the whole business.

The strongest areas of the network are the Affiliate and Campaign channels, which have increased their gross profit by 10%, while technology earnings remained high.

In terms of the Overall Market, TradeDoubler is still being driven by the online retail market, while m-commerce is growing rapidly, but from lower levels.

Market Growth

Northern Europe is showcasing stronger growth, whereas Southern Europe is receiving more pressure from micro economics affecting it's growth, with Travel particularly hard hit in here.

The German Market is showing the strongest growth within Northern Europe, while the Nordics and Eastern Europe are also increasing particularly well.

Client Trends

Travel remains the largest contributor of gross profit, despite slowdown in Southern Europe, while daily deals sites such as groupon and living social are increasing profits across Southern European Markets.

It was also noted that iTunes are fuelling profits through the downloading of music and applications.


One of the most rapidly growing channels for TradeDoubler, they are seeing a big swing in mobile impressions, having risen by 45% between Q2 and Q3 alone which now account for 3.6% of TradeDoublers impressions. It doesn't sound like much, but when TradeDoubler deliver 34 billion impressions, 3.4% is around 1.15 billion impressions served via a mobile device.

It was also noted that the countries leading the mobile space were in the order of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, followed by the UK.

This is similar in statistics to the recent m-commerce report, released by A4u, Affiliate Window &, whereby around 5% of network sales were being attributed to m-commerce.

You can view the rest of the webcast, published live this morning, either above on this news article or to follow the slideshow presentation, you can either double click the presentation slides next to the video above or view them here.

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