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The 10 Commandments for Agencies - from your Affiliates

The 10 Commandments for Agencies - from your Affiliates


Below are the ten suggestions that Simon Bird, GM of, presented as to how Agencies in the affiliate marketing space can work better and more efficiently with publishers, clients and networks.

Simon now runs, the international division of – one of the largest deal sites in the US, but before that he worked at Affiliate Window for almost four years. With experience at the heart of a Publisher and at a Network, Simon is ideally placed to advise Agencies on how they can work more efficiently with other divisions of the Affiliate Marketing industry.

What an affiliate would ideally like from an agency:


Always hire people who know and are dedicated to affiliate marketing or ensure that a sound training programme is in place for staff that are new to the industry


Be open to new ideas and test – trial and AB test to see what works best for merchants.


Hold Affiliate Marketing in equal standing with other marketing channels – affiliates have moved on from being based in bedrooms and “grubby gate”. Affiliate marketing should no longer be seen as the poor cousin.


Offer opportunities (where possible) to meet the client:

a) to understand from the horse's mouth more about their business (we're the sales guy so it would be great to spend some face time with clients to fully understand their goals and objectives).

b) affiliates will sell themselves better than a 3rd party can.


Consult affiliates when making decisions around multi-attribution that may affect an affiliates sales.


For multichannel agencies - introduce affiliates to other marketing budgets.


Openly share and collaborate with intellectual property to measure performance of activity:

a) affiliates should in turn demystify where traffic is coming from and provide more intelligence.

b) merchants and agencies let us know more about what happens on their site and the resulting transaction (new vs. returning customer etc).

c) this will enable better campaign optimisation.


Guarantee payments in a timely way.


Work with networks for their expertise and affiliate relationships - sometimes networks are given unnecessary reporting and administration.


Coach affiliates to identify and win new business opportunities with clients - cross sell successful activity across their base of clients.


These are just a few thoughts on how agencies might be able to work with affiliates a little better. On the whole I think agencies have come a long way in how they are working with the industry and add value.

If you would like to discuss these suggestions and ideas with me then please feel free to comment below or send me a mail at:

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Simon Bird

Simon Bird

Simon has been in the UK Affiliate Industry for 5 years having previously worked at Affiliate Win

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