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Skimlinks Launches Real-Time, Fully Automated Product & Price Comparison in SkimWords 2.0

Skimlinks Launches Real-Time, Fully Automated Product & Price Comparison in SkimWords 2.0


Integrating world-class technology from its recent acquisition of AtmaLinks, this new solution solves the familiar problem for publishers who find some content monetisation solutions obtrusive and inefficient, by providing the first automated and real-time solution.

Enhanced Real-Time Technology

After speaking yesterday with Alicia Navarro, CEO and co-founder of Skimlinks, she informed me about the technology behind the new release of SkimWords 2.0 today. For content Publishers, SkimWords 2.0 delivers an advanced semantic technology that matches content in real-time by analysing page content within 200 milliseconds and then with 20 million products.

"We have completely re-engineered SkimWords so it can now automatically and in real-time detect very specific product phrases, and deliver in-text product and price comparisons from the most relevant retailers," says Alicia Navarro

"The net result for publishers is a more lucrative monetization solution that is also an informative user tool, helping consumers find the prices and retailers for the products they are reading about. Our new version of SkimWords achieves the right balance between high yield for publishers and high utility for consumers."

Examples of SkimWords 2.0 In Action

You can find a few examples of SkimWords 2.0 in action on the following pages:

UK TechRadar Forum-

US TheBagForum -

Find Out More

For more information on how content affiliates can benefit from the integration of Skimlinks or SkimWords 2.0, visit the Skimlinks website for more information.

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