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Rebrand to Refocus: Part Two - Arena Media

Rebrand to Refocus: Part Two - Arena Media


Part one was with Mark Russell, MD of Optimus Performance Marketing (formerly Existem-AM), read it here.

Stacey Alexander, Account Development Director at Arena Media, tells us about their recent rebrand and the reasons behind it.

So, you've recently renamed your department from the Affiliate team to the Performance Team. What were the reasons behind the rebrand?

"For a couple of reasons. We felt that the opportunity was bigger than just standard affiliate marketing. Whilst traditional affiliate marketing techniques will still take up the bulk of our time and billings, we wanted to recognise that there are other opportunities out there in the market that do not work on just a traditional CPA.

"We believe that affiliates themselves are moving to this model. As an agency and more specifically, our team, it’s essential that we adapt to keep up with the changing environment of our industry. Therefore, activity through aggregators, group buying, lead generation, social commerce, email, mobile amongst others, will all be managed through the Performance Team at Arena Media."

How long did it take to put the transition in place? What were the biggest challenges during this time?

"From the rebrand we've had a team shake up to ensure that we are still providing best in class service to our current clients and having an improved proposition for new business prospects. We have a new Head of Department (Aidan Mark). Myself Stacey Alexander will be sourcing the new opportunities that are best placed for current clients whilst on the lookout for prospective new clients. " Jess Nathan’s role (Account Performance Director) is to improve current client service and have an holistic view of all accounts as well as manage the team. We may also look to bring in some additional expertise to the team for some of the newer disciplines that the department is now focusing on.

"We’re really excited about the new opportunities within this team but we anticipate that this won’t be in full flow until Jan 2012. We’re sure there will be challenges ahead but at the moment it’s still a work in progress."

What are you now offering clients in terms of performance, following the re-branding?

"We’re going to continue offering a similar service but also look to bring in bespoke work around aggregators, social commerce, mobile, group buying, lead generation and email. Of course we also want to work closer with our existing affiliate partners as they’re adapting too.

"Arena Media have developed some award winning innovations over the years for current and past Clients and we’re keen to ensure that this continues and is always at the forefront of all our integrated strategies in 2012. Having full expertise within the team, and the wider agency, we’re confident that we will continue to deliver."

Will you be in attendance at a4uexpo next week? What are you looking to achieve and who should come and speak to you?

"Yes there will be 3 of us at the a4uexpo. We’ll be at the “meet the agencies” session on Wednesday at 10am. We are always looking for new opportunities and innovation from our publishers for our existing campaigns, although we are also keen to talk to clients about our new proposition. We feel we’ve got a wealth of expertise covering almost all verticals so please do feel free to come over and have a chat or just tell us a joke!"

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