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A4u Programme Of The Week: iStockPhoto

A4u Programme Of The Week: iStockPhoto


Programme Name: iStockphoto

Affiliate Manager: Blair de Jong

Contact Details:

You've recently expanded your affiliate programme across borders from the US into Europe. Which countries are you launching within?

Yes, we’ve had tremendous success with our programme in the US, so now we’re bringing it to Europe. We’re launching in the UK , Germany, France and Spain through Webgains.

What was so successful about the US launch that prompted now as the time to move into Europe?

In the short year since we launched our affiliate programme in the US, we’ve learned a lot about what works and doesn’t work with affiliates. We’ve been able to understand how valuable the new customers are that we acquire through the affiliate channel. So, as we looked to expand our borders outside the US, it made sense for us to turn to affiliates to help raise our brand awareness and acquire new customers. Also, we’ve made solid relationships with several key affiliates, and we’ve learned they’re growing outside the US too. So, it was a no brainer for us to grow together with established partners.

Which type of affiliate demographic are you looking to attract to your programme?

Affiliates already promoting B2B products and services tend to have the most success with our programme. Our customers are designers, entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for photos to add to their website or marketing materials. We find there’s a big cross over between products like domain hosting, software-as-a-service and other creative/design tools these customers are looking for.

We also find content affiliates or bloggers who already use our photos on their website are a good fit for the program too. In most cases, to give the proper attribution or credit for the photo, the website should already link to our website or even link directly to the photo itself. For those looking to monetise this traffic, they simply need to append their affiliate details to the URL and watch the £££’s roll in.

Any best sellers or promotional advice for new affiliates to your programme?

Though iStock is primarily known to sell photos, most people don’t realize we also sell vector illustrations, video, audio, and Flash files. We encourage affiliates to promote the products that best fit with their audience.

As for promotion advice, affiliates can use the banners and assets available to promote iStock. We find the best conversions come from affiliates deep linking right to the file close up pages. From there, the product sells itself. We also offer generic and exclusive (aka vanity) voucher codes that help convert customers.

What current commission rates are you offering?

We offer affiliates a % rev share on the purchase of credits at iStockphoto. Affiliates can earn 20% on a customer’s first purchase and 10% on any purchases outside a customer’s first purchase.

With industry leading commissions and higher than average conversion rates, affiliates have the greatest opportunity to earn on an earnings per click (EPC) basis in the stock photo industry.

Anything else our readers should know?

iStockphoto is part of the Getty Images family of brands and can be promoted alongside the other affiliate programmes due to roll out for Getty Images and Thinkstock.

iStockphoto, alongside Getty Images and Thinkstock, will be at A4U Expo London 2011 and we’re quite excited to meet up with any affiliates interested in joining our affiliate programme. Drop us a line if you’re going to be there or come find us at one of the networking events. We’d love to meet with you!

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